Dinner Party Games

There comes a time in everyone's life when you move on from beer pong and flip cup. If you're not sure when that time is, it's probably now. But that doesn't mean you have to leave games behind. We have a few suggestions of slightly more clever - yet still really fun - games you can play at your next dinner party.

One thing we enjoy is hosting tournaments of old board games everyone is super nostalgic for like Connect FourGuess Who? (a DIY version for Wes Anderson fans!), and Uno. Sometimes said tournaments include a $5 buy-in, the sum of which goes to the winner. Competition gets fierce when money is at stake.

When we read about Joanna Goddard’s staring contest, we loved the idea. Eye contact is super intimate, and even though it’s hard to keep a straight face when feeling awkward, embarrassed, nervous, or ever this seems like fun. We say yes to fun.

A similar game is called “tiniest smile.” This one is pretty self-explanatory as players compete to achieve the tiniest smile without cracking up.

For a little more vocal interaction (and team play) nothing beats a good game of Celebrity. For a little variation, we love a version we call Salad Bowl, where instead of writing down the name of a celebrity, everyone writes down a word starting with an arbitrarily chosen letter of the alphabet. Same rules apply wherein players in the first round can use any number of words to describe the word, can only use one word in the second round, and the third round is basically charades.

Game on party people.