DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Bet you didn't expect to find eggs in your bath during your last Easter egg hunt. Spring is here, so if we're going to do a bath bomb, you can expect us to get with the season. Which is why we created these adorable DIY Easter egg bath bombs that'll bring the scent of Spring right into your bath.

We love finding new uses for regular things, so when we saw a recipe for bath bombs we decided to use our plain plastic Easter eggs to make our own pretty pastel spring spa versions. We set them up on the side of the tub in a little towel “nest, and they almost look too cute to use! Have these eggs, a DIY lip scrub, and light up a scented candle, and you can have your own springtime spa day.

Step 1:
  Stir together dry ingredients of baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, and Epsom salts. Once combined, you’re going to need to separate into 4 equal parts to add to each bowl of wet ingredients.

Step 2: We’re making 4 colors; blue, yellow, pink and purple. So we’re separating our wet ingredients out in 4 separate bowls. In each bowl add 1/4 tsp water, 1/2 tsp (about 15-20 drops) essential oil, 1/4 tsp coconut oil, and 1-3 drops food coloring depending on how bright you want your colors to be! When it comes to food coloring, a little goes a LONG way.

Step 3: Separate your dry ingredient mixture into 4 equal parts, adding one part dry ingredients to one part wet. It’s SUPER important to stir the wet and dry ingredients together slowly- otherwise, the ingredients react and start fizzing and lose their ability to stick together. We found it helpful to use the back of the spoon to kind of break up the bits of food coloring and spread it around the whole mixture evenly. Keep on stirring till totally combined- you’ll get there!

Step 4: You want your mixture to come out just slightly moist- still crumbly and loose, but just a little bit wet. Once you have your four colors, you can start to add them into your Easter Egg molds! You can do a gradient, stripes, color block, or solids- whatever your heart desires! Fill up both sides and pat them down so the bath bomb mixture is nicely packed, but not rock hard. Leave a little extra on top of both halves to be sure the two pieces fuse together when you close the mold.

Step 5: Let set and dry overnight- it kinda looks like they’re nesting!- and then slowly open the egg mold to reveal your awesome Easter bath bombs!

When Easter weekend winds down and your feet are tired from all that easter egg hunting, treat yourself to some “me time” and pop one in the bath. It’s so relaxing, you’ll be making these long after Easter is over.

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