DIY Tulle Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras is fast approaching next Tuesday, and if you're looking for some party favors that can liven up your grand fête next week, we've got you covered. Let your guests have some fun with these easy-to-make tulle masquarade masks that will be a great hit!

  • wax paper
  • tulle fabric
  • marker
  • plain mardi gras eye mask from any party store
  • puff paint
  • Scissors
  • thin ribbon

We used tulle fabric and puff paint in the traditional colors of Mardi Gras: green, purple, and black. We used two different kinds of puff paint; some with glitter and some without. Gotta say (no surprise here) the glitter kind was our fave! It really stands out against the fabric and brings an extra sparkle to your eyes.

Step 1: Place a sheet of wax paper underneath your tulle fabric. Lay your mask on top of the tulle and trace the shape onto the tulle using a marker.

Step 2:  Keeping the wax paper underneath the fabric, carefully begin to trace the outline of the mask using your puff paint. You want it to be a smooth, even line. From there, begin to draw any design you want with the puff paint! You can play up the eyes with some dramatic lashes, draw a flowy and romantic spiral pattern, or try an easy and fun geometric pattern. Whatever floats your boat! Have fun with it!

Step 3: Leave the masks out to dry for about 1-2 hours. You need the paint to dry completely before peeling it off the wax paper.

Step 4: Once the paint is 100% dry and hardened to the touch, you can slowly peel the painted fabric off the wax paper, just like a sticker. When it’s removed, you’re left with a gorgeous 3D painted design on your delicate mesh.

Step 5: Leaving a little bit of fabric around the outline, use your scissors to carefully cut out the mask from the fabric. Don’t forget to cut out the holes for your eyes.

Step 6: Finally, cut two small holes on either side of the mask, in line with the eye holes. Thread a ribbon through the holes and tie off. Use the long end to tie around your head and secure your mask.

That’s a wrap! Get ready to march your way down Bourbon Street, or have your own fête at your own abode with your friends and family, with your individual mask!

If you created this DIY, show us how it livened up your Mardi Gras celebration by sharing and tagging #BeMakeful on Instagram!