Fashion Magazine Gift Wrap

Ok, so if you’re like us, you love wrapping gifts. Or maybe you’re just tired of your gifts looking so samey under the tree alongside the other boxes and bags. Whether or not you’ve ever ventured into artful and adventurous DIY wrapping, you’re about to, so turn up your favorite Xmas tunes and let’s do this!


Fashion magazine editorial photo spreads or high-end fashion ads are an unexpected way to spread holiday cheer to your favorite gal or guy with discriminating taste. Using these images as wrapping paper with simple ribbon pairings make this one of the chicest ways to present your gift. I used an old Vogue September Issue. This is consistently Vogue’s largest issue every year (anyone who’s seen the fab doc called The September Issue knows this!) and it’s FULL of stunning editorial and high gloss ads.

Step 1: Flip through your magazine(s) and pull your favorite full-page images. Be mindful of logos and products that will detract from the look of your finished wrapped presents. Iconic faces, ethereal images, beautiful abstract photography, can all be ultra chic and unexpected wrapping paper. I suggest this unconventional method for smaller gifts, so a single page from your magazine is large enough to cover your gift box.


Step 2: Make wrap placement decisions based on what images will look best on which gift box. Take some time to position your magazine images so the top of the box is like a canvas for your gift wrapping art.

Step 3: Now match your gold, silver or black ribbon to each magazine picture. Use one, two or even three strands of ribbon for each gift. Use tape to neatly attach each ribbon strand to the back of each package. Be mindful of ribbon placement as well and the interplay between the image and your ribbon choice.


Step 4: Marvel at your talent as an artful gift wrapper. Gift your masterpiece to someone special.