Festive Office Gifts That Don’t Suck

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It’s that time of year again, the awkward office gift exchange! So you’ve drawn your name and you got that guy from accounting who you’ve never spoken a word to in the history of your career. He’s probably a nice guy, but what the heck are you supposed to gift him that won’t make you the laughing stock of the office?

Three cheers for our stellar Secret Santa gift guide! We’ve rounded up the best gifts to give your colleagues that’ll have them wishing you were their giftee every year.

Best of all, these gifts fall within your $25 budget!


A Cozy Blanket – Yarn Dyed Chambray Throw Blanket ($19)

The room temperature in every office setting seems to always be too cold for most. Why not gift your cubicle pal a cozy blanket to keep them warm while they’re hard at work? This throw from Gilt is a perfect size, and is easy to store away in a desk drawer when it’s not in use.

Urban Outfitters

Quirky Tree Ornament – Glitter Hot Dog Christmas Ornament ($10) 

There’s the practical gifts, and there’s the fun, gag gifts. Sometimes you need to be silly and there’s nothing like a glittery hot dog ornament, like this fabulous one from Urban Outfitters, to hang on your tree. If your gift recipient isn’t a huge dog fan, maybe a slice of pizza will tickle their fancy.

Sweet Water Decor

Personalized Pencils – Boss Lady Pencil Set ($8)

Give new meaning to “I’ll pencil that in” with this super cute pencil set from Sweet Water Decor. Whether they’re for your actual boss or the new intern, there’s no better feeling than feeling like a boss. This hot pink pencil set will surely give its holder a boost of confidence.


Nice Hand Cream – Subrosa Hand Cream ($14)

The office can get dry and stuffy, and in turn, your hands can suffer the consequences. Gift your lady colleague some nicely scented hand cream like this vanilla scented one from Anthropologie. Not only will it moisturize her hard-working hands, it will make her feel like she’s at the spa — even though there’s still eight more hours of work to go.

Cafe de Yume

A Plant They Can’t Kill – Cute Needle Felted Mini Cactus ($12)

Some people are lucky to have an office with plenty of natural light while others stay stuck in the middle of a fluorescent-lit room. This makes keeping plants alive impossible. Gift your desk mate a tiny felt cactus like this one from Cafe De Yume to bring some life into their space without the effort of watering it!

Mod Cloth

A Rad Desk Sign – Purr Our Conversation Desk Plaque ($25)

If you ever visited the principal’s office in grade school, or had an awkward conversation in your boss’ office, you’ll recognize this style of desk sign. But instead of stating the obvious, like your coworker’s name, gift them a sign like this one from ModCloth, so they can talk about the things that matter in life — like their cats.

Kate Spade

A Practical Notebook – Dahlia Large Spiral Notebook ($18)

If you work a nine-to-five job, there’s sure to be no shortage of meetings, which means there will always be notes to take — or doodles to be drawn. A practical, yet stylish notebook like this one from Kate Spade is a gift that keeps on giving.

Drake General Store

Cute Mug – Donut Touch Me Mug ($7)

Everyone loves coffee or at least drinking things out of a cup. A mug that looks cute but gets the message across like this one from Drake General Store is perfect for the girl who needs her caffeine before she takes on the day.

Hudson’s Bay

Smartphone Lens Kit – Kikkerland Clip Lens Set ($12)

Everyone and their dog want to be Instagram famous these days, and surely that fits the description of someone in your office. Gift them a set of camera lenses for their smartphone like this set from Hudson’s Bay that’ll elevate their Instagram game, and they’ll have you to thank.


Headphones – Gold On-Ear Headphones ($15)

Whether it’s because your coworker listens to their 90s soft rock music too loud, or you’d prefer not to listen in on their Skype meetings, a pair of good headphones like these gold ones from Amazon are an essential any office worker needs. Not to mention these are super cute, and look hella expensive!


Booze – Because why not? ($25)

When in doubt, every hard-worker enjoys a nice refreshing bevy at the end of a long workweek. A bottle of wine, or something to spike the eggnog says “I get you” while still keeping it fresh.  We recommend a bottle of Pinot Grigio for your office gal pal, or a bottle of spiced rum for the new guy in IT.

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