Try These Festive Twists on Classic Cocktails

Oksana Mizina/Shutterstock

Ah, the holidays. What a fabulous time of year! You get a chance to take a break from studying, spend time with friends and family, and prepare for a fresh new year. But it can all be a little bit stressful, too. With wrapping paper up to your ears and the kids on a never-ending sugar high, we sometimes need a boost of liquid cheer.

Whether or not that’s you, putting a twist on your favourite cocktails is a great way to celebrate the season. We’ve rounded up six familiar cocktails with a festive twist to get you through the holidays — one drink at a time.

Half Baked Harvest

White Christmas Mojito

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, this holiday mojito is perfect to fulfill your fantasies. Made with fresh mint and lime, this classic cocktail has a nutty twist of coconut milk blended with ice to give it a wintery wonderland look and feel. Drink up this festive cocktail for a holly jolly feeling.

With Salt & Wit

Peppermint Mocha White Russian

White Russians are typically made with vodka, coffee liqueur and cream. By adding peppermint to the mix, you get the perfect festive version of this classic drink. We suggest sipping it fireside on Christmas Eve.

Inspired by Charm

Jingle Juice Holiday Punch

There’s no need to spike this punch. This delicious Jingle Juice is already buzzing with champagne and vodka. Even if you’re forced to sit at the kid’s table for Christmas dinner, you can still enjoy an adult beverage that’s a step above the rest.

The Speckled Palate

Cranberry Mule

These festive Moscow Mules feature a splash of cranberry to give them a festive feel. Served up with these adorable sugared cranberries, it’s the perfect holiday beverage to sip on all season long.

The Cookie Rookie

Easy Holiday Sangria

Nothing starts the party quite like sangria. Whether you’re having a festive girl’s night or hosting a holiday dinner, this holiday version is easy to make ahead of time, and is great to serve in large quantities. So drink up and have a pitcher – or two.

Sweet Phi

Christmas Cranberry Cosmopolitan

No cocktail bar is complete without a classic cosmopolitan. This fruity drink is fun to serve and even better to drink when you spike it with cranberries. This holiday take on an old-time favourite is perfect to serve on Christmas Eve while you listen to your favourite holiday tunes.

We hope you enjoy these festive drinks this holiday season, and remember to drink responsibly!