Geometric and Foil Gift Tags

In the spirit of making your holiday gift wrapping more stylish, more wow, more decidedly YOU and not just decidedly from the store, I'm sharing a bright and fun way to bring personality to your gift tags. Handmade gift tags give your gifts personal polish. I love these and have made them for years. I change it up each year depending on what wrapping paper and bows or ribbons I'm using. You can take this idea and run with it in so many different directions. But I suggest making a plan first. Then let the creative magic happen!

So let’s make some one of a kind gift tags using foil washi tape and card stock. They’re quick and fun. This is how it’s done.

Step 1: First, take inventory of all of your tag material options (ribbon and card stock). Select each material and shape to match on your gift wrap style on each gift. If using ribbon, cut ribbon in a square or rectangle making sure the edges are cut straight across. Be sure to choose ribbon that doesn’t easily unravel. Also keep in mind how ribbon will absorb ink from a sharpie or paint pen. When using card stock create various geometric shapes with the help of a ruler or straight edge.

01_120515_unconvetionalgifttags_05Step 2: Then, select the foil tape that best suits your gift wrap look. Next, peel the back side of the foil tape and use both hands to steadily place the tape over your card stock. You can cover the back side with foil tape and have the tape meet in the middle or you can cut the tape evenly folding the tape over each edge.

Step 3: Now hole punch and string thin ribbon or twine through the tag and tie or tape it to your gift. Or tape the un-hole punched tag directly to the present hiding the tape on the backside of the tag. Your choice. You can also layer tags as shown in the picture. Enjoy your handiwork!