Glittery Party Hats | Obsessed : NYE Edition

This week we're getting ready to ring in 2017 and, duh, we want to look good doin' it. Leave it to Miss Kris to show us how to make some seriously FAB DIY glitter party hats. Glitter party hats for everyone this NYE!!!

Oh glitter, you saucy minx. We love you. Glitter, glitter and even more glitter make everything merry and so so bright! Miss Kris is obsessed, and so are we (as per usual). These party hats are so fun, everyone at the party will want one. There are several different glitter designs you can go for to switch up your hat look.

For a LOT of shine, use regular liquid glue and a foam brush:


Step 1: Squeeze some glue out onto the hat and use your foam brush to coat the whole surface.


Step 2: Hold your party hat over your glitter tray to catch any stray sparkles. (And if any glitter does migrate, a lint roller is a quick and easy way to clean it right up!). While the glue is still wet, shake out your glitter of choice! Fabulous, dahling. For an ombre look use at least 2 or 3 colors of glitter from bottom to the top of the hat. You can also use tape to create designs or separation between the glitter colors.

Step 3: Dab a bit of glue on a pom-pom and hold it on the very top of your hat. Hot glue works best, but regular glue will do.


Optional: Use spray adhesive for a lighter dusting of glitter. It won’t hold as much volume of glitter, but it does allow you to see the color of the hat underneath. This is great if you want the polka-dot effect seen on our purple party hat. Still use regular or hot glue for your pom topper though!

2017 is lookin’ goooood in that glitter hat. Werk.