DIY Camera Toss Photo Holiday Cards

So here we are, in December, and you’re on the hunt for holiday card ideas. We all get mountains - or at least tiny stacks - of holiday cards this time of year. I know whenever I get around to actually mailing my cards I want them to be stunner status. These beauts will be top-of-the-pile treasures AND they're pretty fun to make. Especially if you're into photography.

  • camera toss/long exposure pictures
  • ruler
  • letter stencils
  • Scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • felt-tip pens (or metallic colored pencils)
  • photo mount squares (optional)
  • blank cards/card stock

These cards are especially fun to make while listening to your fav holiday tunes and sipping Chardonnay (or insert your fav drink). Maybe hot cocoa is more your speed? Either way, you’ll be sure to get in the DIY spirit with this gem of a project.

Step 1: Take your camera-toss photos. Get creative and try several movements and light sources. Twinkle lights often work best.

Step 2: Select your favorite camera-toss photos after having them printed. Printing your photos both with and without white borders gives you options while creating your card art.

Step 3: Gather supplies and get set up in a comfortable workspace. Select your bevvy of choice and tunes to motivate awesomeness. Holiday music is optional.

Step 4:  Place double-sided tape on your blank card, center the photo and use a piece of paper to secure your photo to the card. Using a piece of paper prevents fingerprints on your photos. This is also where you would use those optional photo corners for extra polish.

Step 5: Use a ruler to space out your letter stencils. You may want to mark the inside of the stencils with a pencil first before using whatever pen or colored pencil you plan on using on the finished card. On the inside of your card – or the flip side of a note card – stencil your favorite holiday words (think: merry, joy, peace, and love).

Step 6: Fill in the stencils with a pen. I used a paint brush pen and it worked well, but any felt tip pen or metallic pencil will work.

Step 7: Stare in awe at your creation. Take another sip.

Happy holidays DIY-ers!