Mason Jar Holiday Gift Toppers

Sometimes when you're making the holiday party rounds, bringing homemade cookies to every host isn't a realistic option. I mean we love cookies, but who has time to make that many cookies? Even if you do, maybe you're not into baking...because dirty dishes. Either way, we've got you covered with this DIY time saver for holiday gifts.

  • 16 oz. Mason jar
  • burlap ribbon Must be as wide or wider than the top of your jar
  • 1-inch decorative ribbon
  • 1/8-inch ribbon or twine for tying around the rim
  • gift topper embellishments found in the floral or holiday aisle of your local craft store

So when you want to give something a little more personal than a store-bought bag of ‘whatever-was-by-the-checkout-counter’, I like to bring a slightly-next-level holiday treat; Mason Jar Goody Gifts! They’re easy to throw together, there’s zero clean-up involved, and you can make them way ahead of time so you can just grab one on your way out to that last minute holiday party your co-worker from two cubicles over is throwing this weekend.


A couple jar-filler ideas that work well; mini-bottles, tea, coffee, mulling spices, clementines, and granola all make great treats that take zero-to-minimal effort, and won’t break the bank.

Ok, let’s do this!


Step 1:  Twist off the silver ring piece, leaving the flat silver disc on top of the mason jar. Place your burlap piece down first, then your 1” plaid ribbon in the center of the burlap. Screw the silver ring back on the jar.


Step 2: Tie your 1/8-inch string (or strings; we used both red and green to give a bit more color) around the rim of your jar. It can be a bow, or a double knot, whatever you like best!

Step 3: Stick your embellishments securely underneath the ribbon around the rim. We used part of a 99-cent holly berry gift topper from the craft store.

Step 4: Optional; We also tied a rustic piece of twine with wooden snowflakes attached for a little extra festive “oomph”!



Version 2:

Follow the same directions as above, simply substituting for gold 1-inch ribbon, and gold embellishments. All can be found in the gift wrap section of your local craft store.