Singles Awareness Day: Convo Balloons

We do what we want! Who says you need a significant other to celebrate the love this February? How 'bout all the Miss Independents our there makin' it work? These sassy balloons are a ridiculously (and we mean RIDICULOUSLY) easy DIY project. We're loving this twist on traditional conversation heart candies. Get ready to celebrate our new fave holiday: Singles Awareness Day!

Oh, Valentine’s Day. Funny how much some people DON’T love the holiday all about loooove. We’re honoring all those (hi, us too) who might not have an S.O. at the mo’, but deserve to be celebrated no matter WHAT!

Step 1: Get some colorful heart balloons at your local party store. Any colors will work, but if you want to you can bring a box of actual sweetheart conversation hearts with you to the store and try to match the color! We went for a gosh darn balloon heart rainbow.

Step 2: Decide what you want your balloons to say! Instead of the traditional conversation heart sayings like “Be Mine” or “Call Me”, switch it up for funny and empowering phrases like “Boi Bye”, “Sisters B4 Misters”, and our personal fave, “Single AF”.

Step 3: Simply begin sticking the scrapbook sticker letters onto the balloons to spell out your anti-Valentine’s Day messages! Be sure to keep in mind how long your words will be so you don’t run out of room in the end. Keep going till you’ve covered your desired amount of balloons!

And that, my loves, is IT. How freakin’ easy is that? We are totally obsessed with how ours came out. Cannot stop taking pics. Our insta-feeds are gonna be blowin’ UP, yo.

Be sure to keep checking back this week for our other DIY ideas on how to celebrate Singles Awareness Day! And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @bemakeful and show us how yours turned out. We’d love to see what sayings you come up with! #singleafandlovingit