Everything You Missed at the 2019 Academy Awards

Ran for a snack break and felt you may have missed something? We've got you.

The 2019 Acamedy Awards made headlines late last year when the news broke that Kevin Hart was stepping down from hosting duties due to a homophobic tweet from the past. At first, he refused to apologize but eventually came to regret his actions and publically tweeted his remorse. As a result, this year’s award show leaned on the support of all-star presenters and performers.

And honestly — it wasn’t that bad.

For an award show that’s famously boring, often too long and rarely meets the approval of television viewers; this year’s Oscars kept a steady beat and played it safe given the current political and social climate. It also generated a new selection of gifs and memes that will live forever in internet-land. So, if you skipped out on the show or simply want a friendly reminder — here’s a rundown of everything you missed at the 2019 Acamedy Awards.

All About Bardem



Javier Bardem jamming hard to Adam Lambert and Queen’s opening performance. And Javier Bardem again later when he was totally swooning Angela Bassett while they presented for ‘Best Foreign-Language Film’.

Just Javier Bardem in general.

Award-Worthy Tears


Regina King winning ‘Best Supporting Actress’ and giving an emotional thank you to her mother; who scored a coveted seat next to Captain American himself, Chris Evans.

Playing Dress Up 


Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry popping up in laughable nods to best costume designer nominees The Favorite and Black Panther, while presenting the award for the same category. It bordered on cheesy but McCarthy somehow gets away with it every time.

Last Minute Thank You



When Black Panther won for ‘Best Production Design’, Production Designer, Hannah Beachler completely overshadowed Set Decorator, Jay Hart by making him hold the trophy before announcing he was standing on her dress, and then completely hogged the speech time. But don’t worry! He shouted a quick “thank you to my crew” note before the orchestra completely cut him off.

Sweet Country 


Everything about Kacey Musgraves and the dress that looked like your favourite kind of cupcake.

A Wayne’s World Reunion 


When Dana Carvey and Mike Myers hit the stage to present Bohemian Rhapsody as a nominee for ‘Best Film’ and took the opportunity to reenact some of their most famous lines from Wayne’s World. Freddie Mercury would have been proud.

Gaga for Chemistry 




Literally every single thing about Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper all the time — but also — every waking moment of their performance of ‘Shallow’. From their entrance to the stage from their front row seats to the undeniable way they look into each other’s eyes — we are in love!

Things Got Political


Spike Lee accepted the award for ‘Best Adapted Screenplay’ and spent the majority of his speech speaking about the current political climate in the United States because, well, someone had to. Kudos to the Acamedy for waiting to cut him off at an appropriate time, too.

Gaga’s Wisdom




Lady Gaga took home the award for ‘Best Original Song’ (along with Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt) and was a flood of tears during her acceptance speech; struggling to find the words as she was overcome by the moment. Jennifer Hudson looked on in agreement, mouthing the words she knew Gaga was trying to get out as she nervously explained that it’s not about winning, but about never giving up — no matter how long the road or how difficult the work.

Rami’s Adorable Love



Rami Malek took home the award for ‘Best Actor’ and seized the moment to revel in his love for his co-star and girlfriend, Lucy BoyntonHe delivered a speech full of heart and had us all melting in his hands as he used his last few seconds to tell Boynton that she has stolen his heart.

The Shocker


Olivia Colman won ‘Best Actress’ for her role in The Favorite and everyone was shocked, including herself. All the predictions led to Glen Close winning — and Lady Gaga looked like she was going to lose her lunch when they called her name as a nominee — it was entertaining, to say the least.