5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Career Out of a Funk


Feeling uninspired, or like you are about to blow? Or do you no longer envision yourself doing your tasks? These could be telltale signs that your professional life is ready for a change!

As each of us defines and achieves success on our own terms, there will be moments when we see ourselves hitting a wall. The good news is that no matter our employment status, the field we work in or wish to, a new challenge awaits — and only needs to be unlocked. Now is the time to give yourself a chance to realign your aspirations, work towards new goals and feel in-tune with your gut. Here are a few tips to give your career the little boost it needs to ignite the transformation you deserve.

1. Build a conversation

Don’t let negative feelings isolate you! Build relationships by reaching out to people you look up to and wish to surround yourself with. An email or a direct message can be a first step; the next one is to get out of the office. You could be surprised by how much you learn about yourself and others by attending a conference, a networking event, or by setting up a coffee date with a new acquaintance. Remember, a mentor is great, but several is better.

2. Write it all down

What are your goals and objectives? But before you get into this, start by listing your accomplishments. Any projects or events that are worth a gold star? Start a journal in which to materialize your reflections and get a planner to structure what lies ahead. Crystallize your vision by crafting or customizing the platform you use, whether you opt for a visual inspiration board or a creative timetable to keep track of your progress.

3. New Year, New You

As we evolve, it’s possible that professional materials no longer represent the direction taken. Craft your business card and redesign your website to make them representative of your current professional self, and don’t forget to update your CV and LinkedIn profile using the notes you have taken about your objectives and achievements. Also, why not take a trip to your favourite shopping destination? Get that extra confidence boost by updating your wardrobe to dress for the job you want. All eyes are on you!

4. Never too cool for school

There are so many virtues in learning a new skill! Follow your interests, opt for an activity that is more hands-on, get creative or stimulated intellectually. Accounting, writing, yoga, or knitting — don’t be afraid of what is out of your comfort zone. In accordance with your learning processes and preferences, you could pick something new up by signing up for classes, or self-taught through the web! Keep in mind to organize your time in order to intentionally devote your presence and energy needed for your new practice.

5. Ask for help

Good things come to those who ask. Rely on all the resources available to uncover your potential, strength and qualities, from your circle and community to professional help, such as a career coach or a counselor.  Sometimes, you just need to hear it from someone else.