8 Ways to Avoid Loneliness Working from Home


While most people on the other side of the commute think that working from home is all perks, with the comfy style comes a desire for more company. At first thought, we would all trade rushing out the door and wearing all-day heels for a second (or third) snooze button and all-day jams. Add on having the chance to make a beauty brekky on the regular, the time to catch up on last week’s episode and limited face time with your boss, and it seems like working from home is an obvious win-win.

Think again. While those working from home appreciate all of the above (and more), they often experience basic de-socialization. No more face-to-face collaboration. No more water cooler convo. Check out the following ways to make working from home feel a little less lonely. We’ve got you covered the whole 9 – 5.

1. Take your work public.

Mix it up by working outside of the same ol’ four walls. A change in scene, especially to a public space, promises positive interaction and an increase in creative flow. Explore a few different nearby coffee shops, cafés and libraries until you find a cozy spot with comfortable working conditions — and the perfect cup of joe!

2. Take a break (or two)

Take one full hour for lunch. Rather than make food, spend a few extra dollars and buy lunch. Join a group table or hit the outdoors to chomp away. Follow up with a walk to stretch your legs. Those who are pet-owners, bring your dog along for a quick visit to the park. Or wait until the mid-day slump for some puppy play.

3. Work it out

Rainy day? Grab a small bite and swap the park for the gym. Whether lifting weights or killing cardio, sweat life is always a great way to clear your mind.

4. Create a routine

Create a routine and stick with it. After waking up, make the effort to shower, dress and brush your teeth. Before getting down to business, spend some time catching up on the news or chatting with a neighbour over morning coffee.

5. Stay connected

Stay connected via social media, email or background noise (live chats, music or television). Every now and then, check-in to learn about trending memes and top tweets from the day. Make sure you know the difference between keeping in the know … and falling for distraction.

6. Make a work buddy

Like a study buddy — but for adults. Meet up with a friend who needs to tick-off a work to-do list or prefers an individual hobby like reading, writing or drawing. If none of your friends share a similar schedule, look at joining a local community workspace.

7. Find a creative outlet

Forgo sleeping in, and use the time you would take to commute to explore a new activity — or practice an old one. Whether it’s singing, dancing, painting, playing an instrument or doing yoga, discover a hidden talent or unknown passion.

8. Talk to your boss

On the flip side of working from home, you may find yourself permanently stuck in the office. Strike a healthy balance between working in-office and out-of-office. Talk to your boss about the possibility to work from home on a part-time basis. And get the best of both worlds.