Apps to Keep You Sane This Winter

Winter is coming. For some, it's already here. The short days, the cold temps, the hot beverages, the binge watching...Dear Winter, WE GET IT. But after all the puzzles have been done and shows have been watched (Gilmore Girls AGAIN?! Yes. Always.), here are ten apps to keep you sane 'til Spring.


1. Overcast: It’s not a just a word to describe the skies. It’s thankfully also an app where you can listen to – and organize – your favorite podcasts.

2. Audible: Feel like curling up with a good book, without, you know, having to actually read the book? Cue audio books. I mean, not only is it hard to turn pages when you’re wearing gloves but have you had someone read to you lately? It’s pretty dreamy.

3. New York Times Crossword Puzzle:  You don’t even have to go to the door to get the newspaper to enjoy the daily crossword found inside. Better still, if you can’t commit to the main puzzle, there are mini options available without a subscription.

4. Elevate: It’s a workout. For your brain! And it’s disguised as fun games that sharpen your memory, reading comprehension, and writing skills. You’ve been watching a lot of Netflix. Your brain deserves this!


5. Duolingo: Why not use this time to learn a new language? Nothing helps improve a winter mood like planning a trip for a time when it won’t be freezing outside. And if you’re going to spend Spring Break in the South of France, it’d be more awesome if you could speak the language, n’est-çe pas?

6. Craftsy: Ever thought about taking up a new hobby like knitting or embroidery? Now’s the time! From project ideas to classes, this app has it all and offers you a community of fellow makers – right at your fingertips!


7. Headspace: Meditate anywhere and anytime with these guided meditations. Being cooped up inside can play funny tricks on a brain. So can spending the holidays with the family. Meditation helps relieve anxiety and reduce stress. Just sayin’.


8. Daily Yoga: Okay so this one requires you get out from under the covers, but at least you don’t have to leave the house. This app keeps you motivated to move every day, offers personal instruction, and can’t tell when you stay in Child’s Pose the entire time.


9. Poshmark: Buy and sell clothes without venturing out into the cold? Yes, please. Maybe you’ve spent this time wisely and cleaned out some closets. Or maybe you haven’t done laundry recently and need more clothes. Either way, Poshmark is here for you.


10. Postmates: Because you’re not going out in that, but you still need to eat. If that’s not their winter tagline (it’s not) it should be. Groceries, takeout…you name it, they’ll pick it up for you and bring it to your door. What a time to be alive!


11. Bumble: I like to think when RiRi says she found love in a hopeless place, she was talking about the digital world. This dating app lets you swipe left or right on all the other people sitting at home swiping, and gives ladies the power to make the first move. P.S. Who knows…if things go well, maybe a winter warm-up is in your forecast.