DIY Organization Pouch | Girl, Get Your Life!

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Sometimes it’s really hard to keep track of your wallet and keys. That’s why I've to help create the ultimate organization DIY hack that not only will help you get your life and keys in line, but will also help you leave those “locked out of the house” memories behind.

Hey, I’m Christina Topacio and I’ve been receiving emails at Makeful about ways to get (and keep!) your life together. I just got one from our girl Cherokee who keeps losing her phone and her keys. (Hey, no judgement, we’ve all been there. Here to help, girl.)

The key to keeping your keys? Find a place for all of your stuff before you leave the house! That way, before you head out for the day everything is already set to go. That’s when these cool DIY leather pouches come in handy. They’re perfect for creating a chic landing station to stash your keys, phone, or other small knick knacks.

Before we get started, gather all your materials. Pro Tip: instead of buying a full yard of fabric, just pick up some scraps of leatherette fabric at your local fabric store. It’s so much cheaper than buying a full yard and you can make a bunch of different color options.  You’re welcome.

Step 1: Use your pen to trace your template onto the back of your leatherette fabric. To make your own template, measure out 4 equilateral triangles in a row (that’s math speak for all the sides of the triangle are the same length, btw). Make sure the triangles are the right size for what you want to use the pouch for. For example, the triangles should be bigger if you want a pouch for your phone versus for your keys or your lip balm. The template will end up looking like a long parallelogram (geez, again with the math speak! Parallelogram= long slanted rectangle.) You can also use this awesome printable template from our girl Molly at Almost Makes Perfect.

Step 2: Use your scissors to cut out the shape you just traced. So far so good, right?

Step 3: Fold the first triangle over onto the next triangle, and so on, gently creasing as you go. Use your pen to mark the spot on the front flaps where your hardware is gonna go.

Step 4: Unfold the pouch and use your leather punch to punch a hole where you marked with your pen! Put some elbow grease into it! JK, it’s not that hard.

Step 5: Take the screwback piece of hardware and insert from underneath. Screw the notch piece on top. So close!

Step 6: Glue the seams of the pouch together using industrial or fabric glue. To set the glue, use handy-dandy binder clips to secure the sides. So clever, if I do say so myself.

Step 7: Once the pouches dry, use a hammer and small nail to attach them to a regular piece of plywood. You can paint the plywood any color you want and attach a ribbon or piece of yarn to hang the plywood up on the wall.

And there you have it, girl. A grab-n-go one stop shop to hang by your door for all your stuff! You’ll never lose anything again, right? Right, Cherokee?!

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