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I love traveling, but I also know that it can be incredibly stressful sometimes (especially when you have to cut off bringing your favorite cosmetic products into 3 oz. bottles - am I right?!). Today, I'm going to show you how to make your vacation a little easier with some simple travel packing hacks. Get ready to make the most out of your small carry on bag!

You don’t have to give up that extra outfit you want to take with you on your trip! Packing right is all about compartmentalizing so you can fit it all in and maximize your suitcase space.

Packing your clothes is simple; you can either use the Marie Kondo method and fold your clothes into thirds, or you can simply roll each item up to maximize storage space and minimize wrinkles! Worried about putting your shoes and your clothes together after wandering the streets all day? Cover your shoes with a shower cap! An easy and affordable hack to keep it contained and mess-free.

As for all the little things that seem to pile up? Use small bags to compartmentalize everything that’s similar such as socks and undergarments. You can find little mesh bags like these at most drugstores in the makeup or travel aisle for pretty cheap. The bags keep them organized so you can toss ’em on in!

And now for a travel twist: use everyday household items in new ways to protect and separate your stuff in your suitcase. Use a pillowcase as a laundry bag to keep your dirty items separated from your clean ones. Pop a binder clip on top of your shaving razor to protect your fingers and your belongings! Worried about your cosmetics making the 3 oz maximum cutoff? Use an old pill bottle case to bring the perfect amount with you. Use washi tape or wrapping paper to label them and make them cute!

Use these tips and you’re ready to jet-set in style wherever your travels may take you! If you used these tips, be sure to tell us on twitter and Instagram and use #GGYL – see ya out there!