How to Get In Touch With Your Spirituality

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All you need is an open mind and full heart to take your first step on the journey to self-love and spirituality. Are you ready?

The metaphysical world has successfully made an impact on mainstream topics that focus on mental health, physical improvements, and spiritual awareness, but not knowing where to begin, can steer you away from joining in on the fun. The good news is that there are many ways you can dip your toes into this trend in an effort to improve how you think, see, and feel.

Do Your Research

Here’s the thing… there’s A LOT of choices out there and it can be a tad overwhelming. The most popular options often include mediation, crystal healing, smudging, reiki, tarot and more. Narrowing down what will work best for you can be tricky but that’s where the research comes in. Take your time learning about the different methods of practice before you take a giant leap. If the information is too complicated to absorb or you are still not sure which direction to go in; consider consulting an expert by popping into your local metaphysical store and asking some questions directly. Not only are these shop owners incredibly kind, but they are also the best equipped to help you find your method.

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Download an App

We live in the digital age where everything is available at your fingers tips online. That means you can easily gain full access to the metaphysical world any time you need it. Begin by narrowing down what path of practice is best for you to try based on the research you’ve already conducted. From there you can choose the apps that interest you most and begin using them on a daily basis. There are several app options available now that can guide you in meditation, explain the meaning of your crystals and help you decide what mantra is best to begin your day. Read the reviews and select the one that speaks to you the most to get started.

Join a Class

If something more tangible is better suited for you than it’s time to consider an in-person class or workshop at one of your local stores or community centres. Many shops offer free learning sessions or introduction classes so you can test them out before committing to the full length of the course or workshop. Additionally, there are often payment plans and various packages that will make it easier for you to invest in. If these options aren’t available to you, do a quick search on Facebook to see what’s happening in your city. With the growing popularity of spiritual practice, there are various exhibitions and touring shows that are bound to visit your city.

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Read a Book

Another form of learning your spiritual way is from books. There are new ones popping up all the time in addition to lessons in pages that have been around for years. The beauty in this option is that you can select books that narrow down specific rituals and practices or you can simply grab a book that covers it all. Take your time to learn about the authors behind the books and read reviews to gain a better understanding of which genres or tone of voice will match your personal reading preference. All that’s left to do after that is curl up in your favourite spot and dig in.

Ask a Friend

If you still aren’t sure where to turn in the crowded realm of the metaphysical world perhaps it’s time to consult your besties. Make a day of it by connecting with your closest pals and share what you’ve learned so they can help you narrow down an option. They may even find their own path along the way, which means you will have someone to share your experiences with on your exciting journey towards spiritual enlightenment. Namaste.