How to Improve Mental Health Based on Your Sign

In order to improve our overall well-being, the focus can no longer be solely on the physical body. Our minds have a great affect on our physical health, just as our physical health has an affect on our minds.

There are tons of resources out there to help guide your best self, but there’s no harm in turning to the stars to find out what the best method of mental health is for you. That said, here’s a few tips to get you started based on your sign.


Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, aggression, and drive. It’s hard to imagine that kind of energy as a couch potato, and that’s because Arians need to move to channel all of their intensity into action. When Aries is not in a good state of mind, they become irritable, angry, and even aggressive—which only heightens the stress. Exercise for an Aries is like therapy. It clears their minds and puts them on a more positive acceleration, rather than being an angry fireball.


For many, thinking about finance is certainly not going to make them feel at peace, but for a Taurus it can make the difference between sink or swim. Taureans value security on top of everything and while that can mean emotional security, it most certainly means financial security as well. When a Taurus is not mentally sound, they should be sure to check into their finances. It’s likely that if these people feel they have a solid financial plan to build from, their mental health is much more balanced.


Gemini energy is a quick cerebral energy and their ability to process information is incredible. However, when there is no outlet for all of that mental computing, it can become overwhelming. Overthinking causes anxiety and confusion, so writing is an ideal way to achieve clarity for these folk. For a Gemini, writing is a therapeutic release. When they go back and read what they’ve written, a new understanding of their mental process is uncovered where it wasn’t previously clear in a state of nervousness.


Cancer energy is naturally nurturing and yearns to feel connected. Cancers can be very susceptible to periods of depression due to their sensitivity and often unbalanced moods. Many Cancerians will likely tell you that their emotions are like a rollercoaster. A simple way to pull a Cancer out of doom and gloom is to be involved in the nurturing of others. There are many ways to do that, but Cancers are great cooks and not only is food nurturing for our physical bodies, sharing food is a very sacred thing that we tend to overlook. Cooking for others is very symbolic of caring and love.


Confidence is key for any Leo and these lions thrive on leadership. While Leos are generally optimistic people, they can become very insecure when they’re not achieving applause. When self-doubt creeps in, their confidence crashes. This is when they need to take charge and be the leader of anything. Starting a club or gathering where they can host on a routine basis, or creating a project that requires them to delegate their own ideas will help them regain their confidence. Once a Leo realizes their power is in sailing their own ship, they’ll never go back to sweeping the decks.


When a Virgo’s mental state is not in the best place, they can really be hard on themselves for it. As earth energy, these people prefer a more practical approach to their problems. Virgos have a desire to be needed and much like a Cancer, they will derive great fulfillment from being of service to others. Volunteering for a cause, or even just helping a friend or family member get tasks done will in turn help a Virgo feel accomplished. Usually Virgos become down on themselves when they feel incapable. So it’s important that they find a way to put themselves to use.


Libra is the sign of the scales. They need balance above all else, and when they reach a low point, it’s usually because there is much imbalance in their life. If there is disharmony in their relationships or tension in the workplace, yoga is likely the best activity for them to get lost in. If a Libra can be joined by someone they are close to, it’s even more fulfilling, as they prefer to do things with a partner. Libras are easily soothed by harmonious music and atmosphere, so going to the yoga studio where they can be completely removed from the environment causing them stress will greatly improve their mental well-being.



Scorpios can experience some rather dark times in terms of their mental health, but the beautiful power in Scorpio energy is its ability to rise from the ashes. Meditation is very helpful for a Scorpio. To learn to focus the mind in a way that detaches from its own intensity can provide spiritual insight at a higher vibration. Meditation is the act of quieting and clearing the mind of personal thoughts and simply being in existence. It’s hard for Scorpios to let go of anything, especially control, but in doing so they find a more peaceful power.


Excitement, new experiences and even challenges are great tools for pulling a Sagittarius out of a mental rut. This energy is generally optimistic, but can be found at a low point when they feel their personal freedom is being threatened. Getting out of the house is crucial for this fire energy and distancing themselves from controlling and possessive people is important. These folks need to experience life to its fullest without judgement or limitations. Going out to new places and releasing inhibitions is a mental game changer.


As an earth sign, being productive and useful is necessary for Capricorns. They are an ambitious and a fairly non-emotional sign, but when they occasionally find themselves in a dark place, it’s likely because they’ve felt a loss of respect from the outer world—and likely a loss of control as well. The goat is a mountain climber; capable of reaching high and steep heights all on their own. Setting goals of any kind will give a feeling of purpose to Capricorn energy, and you can bet they will achieve whatever it is they set out to do. Keeping both short-term and long-term goals written down in a place where they reference them on a daily basis will inspire great motivation.


Aquarians are full of knowledge and are very watchful people. They have a very good understanding of human nature, but sometimes their intellectualism overrides their emotional temperament. To get an Aquarian out of a mental funk, they should consider teaching. Not teaching in the traditional sense like a school teacher, but sharing their rather unique niche of knowledge to better the world in some way. When these people give their intellect in a humanitarian approach (bettering the world with their expertise), they feel as though they’ve achieved a job well-done and find mental peace.


Pisces is another sign that is susceptible to depressive states. All of the water signs are emotional, but Pisces energy can get lost in a sea of feeling and experiences a lack of identity. Much in the way writing is a release for a Gemini, art is certainly a release for Pisces. These people are impressively creative and imaginative, so anything from singing, writing music, painting, drawing, or any kind of art form that allows them to creatively express their emotion is an ideal way to improve their mental health. Getting those emotions out rather than trapping them internally is key.