Songwriting w/ Kelli Debbs | Creative Lab

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Today in the Creative Lab, I'm bringing in singer-songwriter Kelli Debbs to show me what it takes to write a catchy song and jam out. I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty catchy...

So, full disclosure, this one was a bit scary for me considering I don’t play the guitar. Or Sing. Or song write! But luckily, I’m joining forces with wonderful singer-songwriter extraordinaire Kelli Debbs and we are going to get creative and dive into what it takes to create a great tune!

We started with that magical word: inspiration! I asked Kelli for some ideas to start us off and she suggested we try writing about the rain. (Rain! In Los Angeles! Alert the presses!).

Kelli works by starting with a theme, figuring out a rhythm and tune that fits her idea, then writing the first lyric line so she can start coming up with things that rhyme for the second line and so on. We started by saying “rain can make you feel GOOD”, then after a few tries of “What rhymes with ‘good?'” we came up with, “I’d go outside if I COULD”. Boom! Not as hard as I thought! Hey, if I can do it, you can do it, America.

From there we just kept writing till we had an awesome little ditty that we’ve been singin’ around the office ever since. “Rain can make me feel gooooood. I’d go outside if I couuuuuld…”. I’m sure you’ll see it on Billboard soon. That’s right. Straight to the top of the charts. AMIRIGHT?

My main takeaway is that you just have to rip off the band-aid and dive in and do it. And don’t be afraid to be silly because you never know what genius idea it might lead to!

Tag us on Instagram @bemakeful and let us hear what you guys come up with! And definitely be sure to check out Kelli’s album “Baby Steps” on her website