Turn Your Fear of Mercury Retrograde Into Triumph With These Tips


It’s the time of year astrology fans hate—Mercury is in retrograde. Before you toss your hands in the air with defeat, take our advice to help get you through the first retrograde of the year.

Mercury is the planet of communication and information processing, so when it goes into retrograde its energy becomes more internally projected. This particular retrograde is happening in the sign of Aries from March 22 to April 15. It will focus on our relationships, encouraging us to examine our assertion and motives within those interactions. Here’s how to successfully beat its dramatic force.

Objectively review your relationships

This month, Mercury starts it’s retrograde beside Venus (the planet of love and close relationships). Are you able to easily identify the people in your life that make you feel happy, excited, and loved? Do you have any relationships that are causing you continual stress and heartache? It’s the perfect time to place your focus on healthier relationships, while setting up solid boundaries for the not-so-healthy ones.

Don’t let “the man” get you down

Rules and boundaries are likely to be pushed—if not broken during this retrograde. Many will be experiencing some push back from authority, and you may feel pressure to give up your desires simply because people in a position of power or societal expectations will tell you that you can’t have what you want. The best solution is to remain calm and simply know otherwise. You can have what you want, just stay focused and don’t doubt yourself.


Let go of old wounds
For many, this retrograde is going to bring up some old wounds regarding the ego and how it’s played a role in relationships in the past. If there were choices you had previously made that only resulted in a broken heart and bruised ego, take responsibility for your role in the scenario and move on. Don’t let it haunt you! Instead, try to focus on the lesson you can take away from it, rather than the scars it left.

Think before you act impulsively

This retrograde will having you feeling as though all is fair in love and war, but it’s important to remind yourself to stay balanced and think clearly before you make any impulsive decisions. Aries is fiery and spontaneous, which isn’t exactly conducive to a Mercury retrograde. If you must take risks at this time, just be sure they are calculated ones.

Examine the facts before proceeding

It’s a Mercury retrograde staple to not sign documents or start any new projects under its influence, but it’s also not healthy to make choices out of fear. Rather than avoiding commitments and communication entirely, just be sure you’ve reviewed everything before proceeding. If it’s a document you need to sign, read the fine print and understand the terms. If you’ve been presented with some difficult news, make sure you learn the facts before reacting hastily.

Keep the faith

It’s quite possible that you’re going to feel pulled between following your desires, and feeling pressure to suppress your passion for more practical reasons. Whatever obstacles that come up at this time, just know that it’s all fated and meant to move you toward the path of your wishes—even if it feels like it’s actually working against you. Don’t lose hope and keep focused on the end goal without being too weighed down by the tasks that need to be completed.


Meditate to clear your mind

A go-to coping tool for any retrograde is meditation. The act of meditation is to quiet the mind from any thought and to let it be blank and still. If any personal thoughts creep in, acknowledge that you’ve trailed off from focus, let go of the thought and bring your mind back into stillness. The longer you can keep your mind in a blank-state, the easier answers will come to you from your intuition and subconscious mind. If this is feels too difficult, try a guided meditation that helps direct your focus for you.

Do the inner work

Mercury retrograde is about looking inward for the answers to problems within yourself, not from external sources. Reflect on the areas of life that you want to improve on, and try to understand your relationship with yourself—not just with others. Try learning about what makes you tick and what triggers set you off. Think about the person you want to be and how you can make that happen, not how others will do it for you.

All three retrogrades take place this year in fire signs. This first one is only the beginning of a year-long journey of reviewing our passions, drive, motivation and goals. There is so much to be excited about this year, and a lot of potential for following our passions to live our dreams. Just don’t be afraid of facing a little adversity to get there. Trust yourself and you’ll arrive exactly where you need to!