What You Need to Know About Saturn Return


If you’ve spent any time recently searching for knowledge on topics of astrology, it’s likely you’ve heard of “Saturn Return” — but do you actually know what it means? If you answered “no” to that question, don’t sweat it! We’ve got all the details you need to be in-the-know.

What is a “Saturn Return”?

We’re all aware that zodiac signs have distinct characteristics, but did you know the planets that share the sky with them also have their own unique traits? Each sign is ruled by a planet. Saturn rules over Capricorn, and for those who know Capricorns, you may already have an idea of what Saturn is all about.

Unlike Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion), Saturn is basically the opposite.  Saturn is a stickler for following the rules, and getting work done before play. He’s named “father time” for good reason. Of all the twelve planets in the zodiac, Saturn brings forth restriction to teach us the lesson of “nothing worthwhile comes easy”.

Now that you know a little more about Saturn, let’s talk about the “return” part! Saturn’s entire orbit around the sun takes 28-30 years. This means that when Saturn makes it back to the same place in the zodiac as when you were born, you will be 28-30 years old. At the age of 58-60 you’ll feel its impact again. And if you make it to a third Saturn return — hats off to you for outliving most of us!

When the real adulting begins

The reason a Saturn Return is not met with great excitement, is because it’s meant to teach us responsibility, and what’s the fun in that? You may have noticed that life starts to change a person upon entering their late 20’s. Suddenly it’s no longer acceptable to be partying like a college freshman every night, or procrastinating work that nags to get done. Life starts to reflect a more serious tone with the sudden realization that we’re no longer kids, and if we don’t start taking care of our own lives, things could start to get pretty hairy! During a Saturn Return you can expect to feel more pressure to plan for your future, and you may notice that it’s a time of unavoidable challenges that you likely haven’t faced before.

How to make it through

Depending on where Saturn is in one’s birth chart (an astrological map of the sky when you’re born), the intensity of how it plays out will vary between people. Whether it’s a turbulent time in your life, or just a shift in responsibility, Saturn will be there to remind you that there’s a time to work and a time to play.

You might feel the need to reluctantly drag your feet during your Saturn Return, but fret not; Saturn ultimately has your best interest at heart. Much like a strict father who teaches through tough love, Saturn is going to test you. It may sound harsh (and you might not appreciate it at times), but if you can push through the ups and downs of adulthood, Saturn will bring you to a much wiser place than before. If nothing else, the return will equip you with life experience — and enough wisdom to face future challenges with much more ease.

Above all else, remember that it’s one’s disposition through challenging times that shows true character of the soul. You got this!

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