Here’s Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution Guide for the Zodiac

We've put together a recommended New Year's resolution for each zodiac sign based on planetary transits in 2019. No matter what direction you decide to take, have a Happy New Year!

Whether you take part in New Year’s Resolutions or not, sometimes it can be difficult to self reflect and determine what area of your life may need some improvement.

Many changes are currently happening for you Aries! The biggest focus of change in your life is currently your career and your home life. There may be unexpected changes, but with that will come growth, healing and possibly a better understanding of the bigger picture of your life. Our recommended New Years Resolution for you would be to evaluate your priorities in terms of career and family. If you’ve been thinking about going back to school to change your career in order to better accommodate your family situation, this year is a great time to do so!


This Year Uranus enters your sign to stay for quite some time and this means that you’re likely to feel rebellious and like you want to do things outside of the social norm. Jupiter is expanding your solar 8th house of other people’s money, inheritances, transformation and sex! You may come into a sudden windfall of money or find yourself faced with a sudden situation that profoundly changes your subconscious beliefs of yourself! A good resolution for you this year would be to embrace your sexuality despite any insecurity and to continue on the spiritual journey that you’ve been on for the past year or so.


This year Saturn is meeting Pluto in Capricorn for some major transformation in the way you work toward your goals. This big conjunction is happening in your solar 8th house of transformation, other people’s money, and sexuality. A fitting new year’s Resolution for you would be to focus on the loves of your life if things get challenging, because this year Jupiter is in your 7th house bringing luck and abundance to your close personal relationships. Transformation and change can be hard, but with loved ones by your side, anything’s possible!


All of this activity in Capricorn is happening opposite your sign right now Cancer! This means your love relationships are going to be undergoing a major transformational period. It may get hairy, but your health should be great and you’ll be able to handle whatever changes come your way since Jupiter is in your solar 6th house of health, service and daily routine. Our new year’s Resolution for you would be to start a work-our plan and consuming foods that make you feel good, because life is much easier to sail through when you’re feeling healthy! If you haven’t been taking care of yourself, your body will tell you so that you can start making the changes needed to feel your best.


This year Saturn and Pluto meeting in Capricorn will be bringing big changes to your solar 6th house of health, daily routine and service. It is said that the way to make big life changes is by changing your daily routine. It’s the small things that make the world of difference. Jupiter is bringing luck and abundance to your 5th house of romance, children and creativity. Our new year’s resolution for you Leos, would be to enjoy the creative process more. Though you may need to bring more structure to your daily routine, don’t let it overrule your ability to have fun and enjoy life; especially with your children if you have any!


Are you thinking about moving or buying a new home this year Virgo? Jupiter is in your solar 4th house of family, home and private life. While things are good on the home front, there’s a very strong conjunct between Saturn and Pluto happening in your solar 5th house of fun, romance, children and creativity. Think about how often you allow yourself to have fun Virgo. Are you taking life a bit too seriously and feeling like your creative juices are drying up? Something might finally come to a head where you will have no choice but to let go of worry and start enjoying the fun parts of life again. Our new year’s resolution for you this year would be to take a break and enlist the help of some friends to let down your hair and have a little more fun!


Have you been finding it easier to speak your mind lately Libra? You’re usually such a peace keeper and you’re very charming as is, but this year you’re going to have even better ability to persuade and be heard. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction that’s getting closer as the year progresses is happening in your solar 4th house of home and family. This could bring some limitations and tension on the home front, however our New Year’s resolution for you would be to use that Libran charm of yours to speak your mind more at home. If issues of having children arise in your relationship be sure to be clear to your partner about where you stand on the subject!


This year has a lot of potential for Scorpios to bring in the dollars! With Jupiter bringing luck and abundance into your 2nd house of money and assets, finances will not be an issue; especially if you already have been living within your means. Sometimes sudden windfalls of money can bring unwanted people out of the woodwork, and with Saturn and Pluto in your 3rd house of communication with others,  you’re likely to want to back away from those suddenly messaging you. Our New Year’s Resolution for you this year Scorpio, is to examine what money and fortune could potential magnify. Will it give you and your family more opportunity or unwanted enquirers? Decide what to focus on and who to ignore.


It’s a great year for Sagittarians! Your ruling planet, Jupiter is in your sign! This will expand the projection of your personality and others will see you in a favourable light. There is going to be transformation occurring in your moral and material values. What is it that you value most? You could easily attract other people’s money to you this year Sadge, but earning it yourself is going to take hard work and dedication which is difficult when you just want to be free and have fun! Our resolution suggestion for you this year would be to not fear any hard work ahead of you, and to also be completely yourself in the pursuit of your goals.


You may have been feeling as if times have been testing you recently Capricorn, and it’s no wonder with all the activity going on in your sign; Saturn and Pluto have been and will be sitting there for a while, and while this build up of energy may seem intense and challenging, you’re learning from your past and beginning to find your own personal power. A good new years resolution for you would be to let go of the past and whatever it was that previously took away your sense of self. Jupiter is preparing to head into your sign for the year 2020, so use 2019 as a time to transform your dreams. Abundance is on its way to you! You tend to naturally be a little pessimistic but now is a good time to start expanding your ideas of what is possible. Dream big Capricorn!


In terms of your subconscious nature Aquarius, there are some powerful changes ahead for you that will affect your day to day living. You may not even be fully aware of these behaviours or how they’re changing but you may start to come into a more spiritual understanding of yourself. Jupiter is in your 11th house of friendship and humanitarian efforts. Our recommended New Year’s resolution for you is to dive into your psyche and examine how the past has shaped your behaviour and what you need to do in order to get out of your own way and let success pour in! Your connections through friends and social networks will really allow you to expand!


Saturn and Pluto are hanging out in your solar 11th house this year, Pisces, and that means big changes in your friends and connections. You may find yourself surrounded by a whole new social circle, or you may be finding out who your real friends are in these big life transformations. Jupiter is expanding your career and public life, so you may be making more appearances or getting a lot more attention publicly! Our recommended New Year’s resolution for you this year is to learn to stand on your own apart from your social scene. You do not need to be a wallflower this year, Pisces, you can shine on your own!