Drake’s Newest Video is an Epic Montage of Powerful Women Celebrities Doing Powerful-Woman-Celebrity Things


With the release of his newest track, “Nice For What,” Drake is supporting powerful women, and people are here for it.

The video is basically the most concentrated dose of female cachet you’ve ever seen one place. It opens with actress Olivia Wilde dancing on (and owning) a massive, ornate staircase, then features some incredible dance moves from Misty Copeland, the first black woman principal dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. After Drake shows up with a few of his patented awkward-yet-cool dance moves, the onslaught of female awesomeness continues. Actress Issa Rae lords over a meeting of crusty old businessmen, Rashida Jones does some of the moodiest lip-gloss application we’ve ever seen, and model Jourdan Dunn rides statuesque atop a black horse.

And that’s not even the half of it. The rest of the roster in the video includes actress Tracee Ellis Ross, Academy Awards scene-stealer Tiffany Haddish, actress and activist Yara Shadidi, actress and champion of sci-fi Zoe Saldana, Swedish models (and twins) Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta, sudden superstar and fashion icon Letitia Wright, The Florida Project’s breakout star Bria Vinaite, actress Emma Roberts, lesbian hip-hop artist Syd, and bisexual action star Michelle Rodriguez.

It’s also notable that most of these strong women seen in the video are women of colour, another factor that has the Internet heralding Drake as someone who is ready to show the rest of the entertainment industry that representation can go beyond tokenism.

And while a lot of films that feature women in front of the camera are actually powered by men behind it, “Nice For What” was also directed by a woman: Canada’s own Karena Evans.

People have been arguing for years over whether Drake is really a feminist hero. While he’s always marketed himself as the sensitive guy, plenty of people have taken issue with his lyrics in the past (See: “Can Drake Stop Trying to Control Women’s Sexuality?” among others).

But regardless of his status as a “true feminist,” it’s clear that Drake has always been intrigued by powerful women. In 2014’s “Views From the Six,” he rapped about his on-and-off love interest Rihanna’s success, saying, “You get more paper than I do, that sh*t attractive.”

And now, it seems he’s ready to make his feminist status official, cheerleading women on, telling them he supports them in using and flaunting their power. As he puts it in his new single: “You showin’ off, but it’s alright.”