DIY Gucci Inspired Bomber Jacket

I'll admit it. I'm a bit of a fashion addict, but I rarely (if ever?) splurge on runway designs unless I find it 2nd hand or at a deep (and I mean deep) discount. When I spied Gucci's embroidered bomber jackets recently I was mesmerized, but I wasn't sold on the price tag. I mean (cough cough) I could book a trip to Thailand for that kind of dough. That means it's DIY project time, girl. We'll show you how to make this gorgeous bomber jacket for a tiny fraction of the label price.

Ok, so let me start by saying, I purchased all of the patches for this project but then happened upon a treasure trove of rose patches at a flea market and decided to go with the flea market patches instead. Bigtime score. I encourage you to search online or at local flea markets to find more intricate and unique patches than you can find at chain craft stores. You will thank me later. The more beautiful the patches, the more beautiful the jacket. OBVI.


Step 1: Gather up all your awesome patches, decals, brooches, and embellishments and get ready to play! Lay everything out onto your jacket and move stuff around till you’re happy with the overall look. You can go symmetrical and matchy to keep it looking streamlined, you can switch it up and do an asymmetrical waterfall over the shoulder type thing, you could go military, blah blah you get it. The possibilities are endless! And I mean ENDLESS.

If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, check out Pinterest and fashion blogs like Who What Wear for ideas. We found this army green satin bomber jacket at Target on Who What Wear’s new label. So awesome.


Step 2: Once you know what patches are gonna go where, begin to iron them on. Slowly move the iron around the patch pushing outwards towards the edges and being careful not to leave the iron too long over one spot. This ensures all the little bits and pieces stay stuck onto the jacket and takes care of any frayed or delicate edge pieces.

Step 3Don’t forget the back! Once the front is cool to the touch and your patches are securely on there, flip the jacket over and repeat steps 1 and 2 on the back.


Step 4: Sew on any extra embellishments you might have. We found this goth chic brooch piece at the local fabric store. It gives the jacket some texture and ties the whole look together.

BAM. A bomb-ass bomber jacket. So. Cute. OMG.

Seriously, we can’t get enough.