DIY Kate Spade Glitter Heels

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We've all been there. You're walking through the mall minding your own business and then BAM! You see them: the PERFECT pair of designer shoes. They're stylish, they're fun, they're you, baby. They're basically calling your name. 'Til you turn them over to look at the price tag. Yikes. You're willing to make this splurge because #treatyoself, but don't break out that credit card just yet! We've got you covered- in GLITTER, girl. Find out how we upcycled an old pair of heels into a spot-on knockoff of $330 Kate Spade glitter heels for less than $50. Yeah, you read that right.

Just cause you make something on the cheap doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any chic. These heels are perfect for a night on the town, a fancy party, or even just wearing around the house when you need a little glitter in your day. We don’t judge.

Plus, you can feel even better knowing you just saved yourself a cool $320 by DIY-ing them at home! Now that’s some savvy shopping.

katespadeglitterheelblackThese stunning soles from the ever-fabulous Kate Spade were our inspiration. We have serious love for the lady, but her stuff can set us back some buckaroos.

141a7065With a little imagination, and little DIY magic we made our own version of these glam glittery shoes using some old heels, some mod podge, and of course, glitter.

141a7075Step 1: Tape around the heel to cover up any part you want to keep glitter free. The more defined the line between leather and glitter, the less DIY your shoe is going to look.

141a7093Step 2: Carefully spread a healthy layer of mod podge on the heel of your shoe. The trickiest part to cover was the underside of the heel- be sure the sole of the shoe is well taped off to you don’t accidentally get a random gooey patch under there.

141a7110Step 3: Holding the shoe over your glitter tray (thanks for the tip, Miss Kris!) Shake out a generous helping of glitter, covering all the mod podge. Seriously, the more the better!

141a7116Step 4: Once the mod podge is totally covered, tap the glitter down gently with your finger so that it lies flat. This step makes sure that the glitter is completely stuck on, AND ups the shine factor.

141a7459Step 5: Let dry completely and then get ready to break some hearts without having to break the bank!


We also tried this hack on these other nude heels that we had lying around our closet as well that were right on point for this DIY!

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