How to Stay Warm and Still Look Stylish

The new year brings new cold weather. We can all agree that comfort means warmth these days, but unfortunately we don’t get the luxury to indefinitely slump around in sweatpants.

That doesn’t mean that style must necessarily be sacrificed in order to avoid freezing. It’s time to adapt our wardrobes for some savvy bundle-ups — the best way to survive winter in style and on-budget.


1. Pick up a hobby

There are so many unexpected benefits of knitting. This meditative activity can help improve your motor skills, while helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. You can also test your skills as a designer! With all the tutorials available online, it won’t be long before you come up with a new cozy sweater, or a delightful pair of mittens.

2. All the layers

These days, your go-to may be a chunky knit (maybe of your own design!) over your outfit, but there is more to layering than you can imagine. Choose a turtleneck or a button-up as a base to wear under your camisole, blouse, or slip dress. When you’re in need of more warmth – just add an additional layer of your choice!

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3. Swatch it

Not all fabrics are created equal. Some materials will definitely keep you warmer than others . Fleece and flannel always come to mind with temperature drops, but if you’re looking for a styled look, wool is a premium choice. Search for fine wools that aren’t itchy and make for great quality trousers and blazers. Leather and velvet also keep you warm — making a case for a great pair of original leggings.

4. Smarty-pants

Don’t put away your favourite distressed denim just yet! Sneak a pair of leggings underneath for a cool, yet warm combination. Can’t get enough of cropped pants? Wear them over a pair of tights, or go all out by letting your Long Johns peep at your ankles. Own the look!


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5. Sunnies

Windshield for the face? Check! Wear your favourite pair of shades and earn the right to sing  “I wear my sunglasses in the winter” out loud this season!

6. Top coat

Don’t want to rock a parka? We get it. Get a lightweight puffer to wear under your coat. Opt for a longline model for elegant comfort, or use a DIY trick to revive your favourites: add a belt for a chic silhouette that is also windproof.

7. Long run

We usually reserve maxi dresses and skirts for summer, but there is no reason why they can’t be worn all year long. In fact, great lengths are more likely to keep you warm. If you want an extra layer of comfort and style, wear your favourite pieces over some pants.