The ’90s Accessories You Totally Need In Your Spring Wardrobe

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Nineties fashion trends are definitely back, big time. Bucket hats were worn on the streets during the latest couture shows, hair scrunchies were shown in several collections for spring 18, and even the humble claw clip made a runway appearance recently.

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic for the accoutrements of your youth or want to don these Clueless-era extras for the first time, it’s easy to find vintage versions of these accessories at thrift stores and online rather than paying designer prices for the re-issues.

Here’s the comprehensive list of what you should be adding to your eBay alerts and looking for in vintage stores…or pulling out from your parents’ basements.

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The Scrunchie

Fabric scrunchies are easy enough to make at home, if you have a sewing machine. But if you can find some deadstock (ie unused, clean) styles online, go for it. Look for solid colours and textured fabrics such as velvet and plaid.

Combat Boots

Punk-inspired leather boots, particularly Dr. Martens, are both ubiquitous and runway-approved at the moment. If you don’t want to buy them new (or dig up your old pair from high school!), look for black leather lace up boots with soles in good condition.

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The Fanny Pack

Like it or not, bum bags and fanny packs have been trending for a few seasons. But you might remember that the most iconic ’90s styles involved nylon fabric and neon colours. Search for colour-blocking designs with a plastic side-release buckle closure.

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The Bucket Hat

Not an easy trend to pull off, but both men and women are noticeably starting to sport cotton and check-patterned bucket hats again. Make sure to try each on for fit, though, before making a commitment. Ideally, you should be able to see out from under the neat brim.

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Platform Shoes

Whether or not you were a Spice Girls fan, you can probably recall the years when sky-high platform and flatform shoes were everywhere. To find cool vintage versions online, keyword search for iconic 90s brands such as Fornarina and Swear London.

Narrow Sunglasses

Very narrow, slightly futuristic sunglasses are making a bold comeback, especially in all-black iterations. You can find a surprisingly wide selection at online marketplaces like Etsy.

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Claw Clips

Sometimes mixed up with banana clips, these hair clips have never really gone away. But more recently, they had a high-fashion moment at the fall 2018 Alexander Wang show. Look for metallic, extra large styles that would hold a full bun.