8 Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Wedding Hashtag

Nicole De Khors/Burst

It’s never too early to start brainstorming.

While hosting an unplugged wedding has been gaining in popularity (meaning no devices of any kind!), the majority of couples are hopping on the hashtag train as a way to track their special day. Creativity doesn’t come at the drop of a hat (and this hashtag could be trending into your first anniversary). So read on for a few tips on crafting a wedding hashtag worthy of you and your partner.

Tip #1: Start with a roll call

The easiest and most obvious place to start is with your names. Make a list of first names, last names, maybe even middle names, nicknames… and if you’ve got one of those couple names like kimye, put that on the list too!

Tip #2: Get punny

For couples that embrace a sense of humour, this is your moment! From puns to word-play, clever rhymes to alliteration and onomatopoeia, get creative, goofy and google idioms to get your brainstorm brewing.

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Tip #3: Play around with order

Once you’ve got a short-list, scan your options for potential typos, spelling mistakes and general confusion. Avoid same letters next to each other; swapping the order of names could be the simplest solution. For example, rather than #ErikaAndDavid switch #DavidAndErika to avoid duplicate letters being placed right next to each other.

Tip #4: Capitalize each word

Another way to increase legibility and comprehension of your hashtag-gold is to capitalize each word, ensuring that your creativity and punny sense of humour is properly appreciated. Note: if anyone forgets the capitals, you’re still covered—your hashtag will pull photos either way.

Tip #5: When in doubt, use a hashtag generator

If you can’t come up with anything you love, try a free hashtag generator, like this one from Wedding Wire, where you’ll input names, dates, theme, or location. The magic of tech will (hopefully) spit something ridiculously clever back at you. If you’re taking this hashtag thing super seriously, there’s even a few companies that make a living from dreaming up wedding hashtags.

Tip #6: Double check that your new tag isn’t already taken

It’s a major faux-pas to hijack another couple’s wedding hashtag, so once you’ve selected a viable option, scan social channels to ensure that your moniker isn’t already taken. If a few photos are attached to your new tag, as long as they aren’t wedding related, it’s your call if you want to take it over.


Tip #7: If stuck, just add numbers

Don’t pout too much if you thought of a great hashtag that’s already taken. An easy way to make it your own is adding a few numbers at the end to represent your wedding date. Any combination will do!

Tip #8: Spread the word

Spread the word before the big day: print your tag on save the dates and wedding invites, get it up on your wedding website, and make sure your bridal party is on it. On the big day, make sure you have signage in key locations, like photo booths, centrepieces, gift tables, and even consider printing it on menus or place setting cards to ensure guests are capturing all of the fun and fairytale moments.