Set the Scene with DIY Acrylic Wedding Signage

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From table numbers to welcome signs, and everything in between, take your wedding signage to the next level with this DIY acrylic wedding signage tutorial!

  • clamps with felt pads
  • oil-based Sharpie
  • acrylic sheet
  • printed design
  • ruler
  • pencil


  1. Using your ruler, measure where you’d like to cut your plexi. For a table number, we recommend a 5”x10” piece of acrylic.
  2. Clamp your acrylic to a strong surface.
  3. With your plastic cutter, carefully score along the line you made in 1, using your ruler to help you cut a straight line. You’ll want to cut about halfway through your piece of acrylic.
  4. Unclamp your acrylic, and reclamp your acrylic to the table so the line you just scored lines up with the edge of your table.
  5. Carefully push down on the edge hanging over to snap your piece of acrylic. If you scored properly, it should create a clean-lined piece.
  6. Print out designs you’d like for your wedding signage. You can create something in Word or Photoshop, or with a .PNG image found online.
  7. Tape your design face-down where you’d like it on your acrylic.
  8. Turn the acrylic around and trace out your design using a Sharpie oil-based paint pen. We used a white pen, but gold or silver look great on acrylic as well.
  9. Once you’ve finished tracing your design, remove your taped printed design. Now you’re sign is ready to be displayed on an easel, a block of wood, laid down on a napkin, or simply leaning against a wall.