Create Your Own DIY Light Up Zodiac Sign

Asset 2

Look to the stars (literally) with this super trendy, easy-to-make DIY constellation wall art.

  • Black canvas
  • Print of zodiac sign
  • ruler
  • Push pin
  • Scissors
  • Silver marker
  • String lights


  1. Place the constellation cut out on the canvas. To ensure the cut out stays in place, you can stick a small piece of tape onto the canvas.
  2. Use a push pin to poke holes into the canvas, specifically where you want the lights to go.
  3. Using the holes as a guide, take a ruler and marker and draw your desired constellation. Keep your cut out as a reference as this makes it much easier to replicate. Wait for the marker to fully dry before moving onto the next step, or it may smudge.
  4. Turn the canvas over & poke the string lights through the holes on the backside. To ensure they are secure, feel free to use tape or glue.