Your Horoscope for This Season: Leo

Leo season is coming in with a roar! So prepare yourself with all you need to know about the king of the zodiac!

DATES:  Leo season typically occurs from July 23 to August 22

SYMBOL:  The Lion – This large cat was crowned the king of the jungle in the animal kingdom, and it’s only right that Leo is naturally the king of the Zodiac.

PLANETS:  The planetary ruler of Leo is actually not a planet, as it’s ruled by the Sun, which represents vitality and energy. In Astrology the sun is one of the most influential parts of a horoscope, as it’s the centre of our entire solar system.

MODALITY:  Fixed – The 12 zodiac signs are divided into 3 categories of energy; Initiative (Cardinal), Sustainable (Fixed), and Changeable (Mutable). Fixed signs are powerful and unyielding in their ability to follow a project through to the end.

DUALITY:  Masculine – Leo is known as a Masculine sign as it is more assertive than receptive in its energy. This is also known as Yang energy (Yin is Feminine).

OPPOSITE SIGN:  Aquarius:  Leos rule over creative expression on an individual level. They are the famous performers, the star athletes, and those who shine for simply being themselves. Aquarians on the other hand, have a more humanitarian approach to their energy. While Leo’s are not shameful in serving themselves, they are warm and loving within their relationships, whereas Aquarians will serve a greater purpose than themselves, but are more detached in their personal relationships.

BODY PART:  The heart, back and spine.

COLOURS:  Gold and Orange; the fiery colours of the sun!

STONE:  Ruby:  said to protect against physical harm.

ELEMENT:  Fire – Fire signs are more energetic, passionate and temperamental.

MOST COMPATIBLE SIGNS:  Aries, Gemini, Libra

LEAST COMPATIBLE:  Scorpio and Taurus

ANIMAL SYMBOLS:  Lions and other large cats

BEST QUALITIES:  Regal, romantic, loyal and affectionate

Leo’s are typically known for their egos and their ability to take the spotlight on center stage, however, although Leo’s unquestionably love themselves, this makes them the most able to love others whole-heartedly. They are the kings and queens for a reason; they know what they want and deserve, and won’t settle for less. The pure will of this sign is stunning, and when they set their intention on a specific desire; they won’t rest until it’s theirs.

Leo’s have a tendency to be a tad dramatic and while it may seem unnecessary to others, they simply feel their own emotions in big dramatic ways. For them, it’s necessary to express the way they feel elaborately. Dramatic or not, these folks are genuine because they truly want to be heard from their heart-center. 

 In a relationship, Leo’s have high romantic ideals. They want the object of their affection to shower them with praise and admiration; which yes, sounds self-absorbed, but the true reason why Leo’s need so much validation is because they have such a strong inner child just yearning to love and be loved unconditionally! These natives are also very keen on moral integrity, and hold themselves and those they love to a standard of greatness of which they expect to be upheld; they are royalty after all. 

Celebrity Leo’s and their compatibility!

Kylie Jenner
Billionaire business mogul, Kylie Jenner’s Leo sun is apparent in her extravagant lifestyle and fame. Her Capricorn ascendant propels her success even further with a hard-working business ethic. Her relationship with spouse, Travis Scott (Taurus) is fairly private (which is highly valued by Kylie’s Scorpio moon) and while there are connections that spark heat between the two, that same heat creating passion can also create heated disagreements and stubbornness. Leo and Taurus are both fixed signs, so it can be very difficult for them to see one another’s point of view and issues of control can become evident.


Shawn Mendez
This Canadian heart-throb’s Leo sun can be easily identified by his chiselled facial features and Leo-like charms. Shawn Mendez is a natural in the spot-light and is currently creating a lot of interest with his rumoured romance with friend and fellow singer, Camilla Cabello. The two recently collaborated for a steamy music video “Senorita” which sparked speculation that the two were now an item, but do the stars indicate a real-life relationship? Camilla’s Pisces sun in relation to Shawn’s Leo is a romantic connection but not the most favourable for a long-term relationship. Pisces tend to be dreamers with high ideals who get swept up by nearly everything and while Leo’s are very passionate; they have more of an ability to see things through to the end. There are some harmonious connections that indicate these two have enough physical chemistry to spark a fling, but the challenge will be in their maturity to sustain a long-term connection. 

Jennifer Lawrence
It’s hard not to fall in love J.Law’s vibrant Leo-qualities! She holds a lot of earth energy within her birth chart, which is apparent in her humble and down-to-earth nature.  However, she still does it all in true Leo fashion and completely owns her faults in a way that makes them just as endearing as her strengths. There isn’t much information available on her current fiancé, Cooke Maroney, but according to Jennifer’s natal chart, Jen needs someone who is intellectually stimulating and who will expand her ideas of career and possibly open her up to opportunities outside of acting. The perfect combination of passion and practicality would be the most ideal match for her.