Here’s What Food You’d Be Based on Your Sign


Have you ever wondered what food you'd be if you lived on a grocery shelf, or a restaurant menu? Thanks to astrology, you no longer have to wonder.

We’re using some of the best traits of your sign to share what food you would be. Bon appétit!

Aries –  The spice of an angus burger.

Much like a protein packed beef patty, Arians have serious substance. They get straight to the point like a heat packed angus patty. Be sure not to bite off more than you can chew!

Taurus – Smooth like peanut butter.

Like a Taurus, peanut butter is rich, smooth, and also quite comforting. They’re slow and steady, so pouring them out of a jar isn’t an option — unless you melt them first!

Gemini – Flavourful fruit platter.

A gemini doesn’t stick to a specific persona. They’re known for providing a variety of possible flavours. Strawberry? Grape? Pineapple? Take your pick!

Cancer – Grandma’s apple pie.

Sometimes Cancer’s are a little crusty, but they’re easily compensated by a sweet, warm and gooey center. They’re certainly a comfort food that triggers nostalgia.

Leo – Feeling fancy as filet mignon.

Only the best cut beef for the royal Leo. Smooth like butter, and likely to be presented on a plate as a culinary work of art. Doesn’t matter if it’s rare or well done — it’s worth the extra money!

Virgo – The art of sushi.

Virgos can be appreciated much like sushi rolls; detailed, neat, and healthy. But, unless you hold them just right with those chopsticks — you may have a mess on your hands!

Libra – Did someone say pizza?

Pizza is a crowd pleaser. And the same can be said for an easygoing Libra. A social food that is divided and shared equally. Just how Libra likes it.

Scorpio – The layers of a lava cake.

Dark and mysterious, just like a Scorpio. This isn’t just a regular chocolate cake. Something is certainly hiding inside; something deep, dark, and rich.

Sagittarius – Always room for tacos.

Like the popular street eat in Mexico, Sagittarians are likely to be found in the heart of a foreign country, spicing up life and experiencing culture! Tequila anyone?

Capricorn – All the bread.

Traditional, purposeful, and practical; bread is a staple of so many meals. One may think it seems boring and simple, but could you imagine a world without bread? Enough said.

Aquarius – Elegant escargot.

Sophisticated and unique, escargot may be a dish that initially freaks people out with the idea of eating a snail. but you can’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

Pisces – Fancy French macaroons.

These elusive dreamy confections appear so light and magical, that you may think they aren’t even real! Pisces are much the same because they’re hard to define. Is it a cookie? A pastry? Candy? Who cares — it’s tasty!