Your Horoscope for This Season: Cancer

It's Cancer season! So snuggle up with a cup of anything comforting and read all about the crab!

DATES:  Cancer season typically occurs between June 21st to July 22nd

SYMBOL:  The Crab – Cancer is represented by the constellation of the Crab, which symbolizes the soft inner flesh of a crab that is protected by its hard exterior shell, which is a very fitting metaphor for the Cancerian’s personality.

PLANETS:  The planetary ruler of Cancer is actually not a planet, as it’s ruled by the moon, which represents our emotional and subconscious nature. The moon in astrology is also very representative of motherly energy.

MODALITY:  Cardinal – The 12 zodiac signs are divided into 3 categories of energy; Initiative (Cardinal), Sustainable (Fixed), and Changeable (Mutable). Cardinal signs are great forces who initiate the beginning of projects.

DUALITY:  Feminine – Cancer is known as a Feminine sign as it is more receptive than assertive in its energy. This is also known as Yin energy (Yang is masculine).

OPPOSITE SIGN:  Capricorn:  Cancers and Capricorns both value security, but from different perspectives. A Capricorn is very career focused and places much importance on their public image, where a Cancer prefers emotional security and thrive in their private life or home environment. It is much more typical of a Cancer to be a stay at home parent than the career-ambitious Capricorn, but both play crucial roles in providing on the home-front.

BODY PART:  The parts of the body ruled by Cancer are the breasts and stomach. Cancerians are the mothers of the zodiac, and the parts of the body that they rule over have much to do with nurturing; themselves and their children.

COLOURS:  Silver and blue-greens, the colours of the ocean and the moon.

STONE:  Pearl, Moonstone and Ruby

ELEMENT:  Water – Water signs are more receptive and emotional in nature.

MOST COMPATIBLE SIGNS:  Taurus, Virgo, Pisces

LEAST COMPATIBLE:  Libra and Aries

ANIMAL SYMBOLS:  The crab and other crustaceans

BEST QUALITIES:  Loyal, creative, nurturing 

Cancers are known for their “crabby” and moody temperament, and it’s true that these folks can sometimes be unpredictable in their moodiness, but their emotional nature simply comes from the fact that they care so much (despite acting like they don’t actually care at all.) That is exactly where the confusion comes from in dealing with Cancerians, as they tend to come across as complete contradictions all the time. One moment they can be completely involved and caring for your emotional situation, and then the next moment they are completely irritable with others’ dependency on them and will hide in their shell like a hermit to avoid interaction with others. This is why it’s no surprise that Cancers are ruled by the ever-changing moon. Much like the push and pull of the tides, these natives need to find balance within the ebb and flow of their own emotions.

Being that Cancers are the mother of the zodiac, most Cancerians place a lot of importance on having children and raising a family. Even the ones who don’t will find they need to care for something in a motherly way, whether it’s their friends, siblings or even their pets. They’re the mother hens that everyone goes to for advice and a shoulder to cry on. Childhood is also very important to these people, and it’s very common for them to have lasting long-term memories with much nostalgia attached to their identity.

Cancers in relationships can sometimes be a little needy if they aren’t receiving the emotional security that they so desperately crave, however an emotionally secure cancer makes a very caring and attentive partner. Upon initially meeting or first dating a Cancer, you may find they’re a little guarded or hard to get to know. This is only due to the protective emotional barriers that they create, because they will not let “just anyone” see into their vulnerability. If you can take the time and have the patience to get to know a Cancerian well, you’ve certainly found a ride-or-die relationship, because Cancers do not let go easily and will be true loyal companions for the long-haul.

Celebrity Gemini’s and their compatibility!


Ariana Grande

Ariana has had a rough time in the recent past concerning her relationships. Her engagement to Pete Davidson certainly made some headlines, and while the two ended up splitting, they actually share very good compatibility within their natal charts.  First off, Pete Davidson is a Scorpio, which provides a deep soulful connection for Ariana’s Cancer sun, which doesn’t shy away from emotional depth. They have very strong and intense aspects that make for a highly emotional and physical interaction. However, Pete’s Capricorn moon opposes her sun, so his need to receive public recognition is in opposition to her immediate emotional needs.

Vin Diesel

Although Vin Diesel is now married to model Paloma Jimenez, there isn’t much information available on her astrology chart, so we’ll look at his compatibility with ex and long-time friend Michelle Rodriguez, who happens to also be a Cancer! The two have fantastic synastry connections which make them very compatible, and could be the reason the two remain close today. However Vin’s Saturn (the planet of restriction and limitations) is in his 5th house of creativity, romance and children, which makes a square to Michelle’s sun and an opposition to her moon in Libra. This can cause issues of conflict surrounding each others’ ideas of fun and even possibly issues surrounding raising children. 

Khloe Kardashian

If you’ve been “Keeping Up” then you’ll know full-well that Khloe Kardashian very much embodies the mother-hen characteristics of a Cancer. She’s often found trying to take care of her siblings’ problems and her long-time desire to have children is a tell-tale sign of Cancerian energy.  Her compatibility with basketball star, Tristan Thompson isn’t horrible but also isn’t “off-the charts” fantastic either. Tristan’s Pisces sun is a good match for Khloe’s emotional Cancer sun because both signs are sensitive in nature, but his Uranus (the planet of rebellion) opposes Khloe’s Sun in her 5th house of romance and children. It’s no surprise that rumours of infidelity on Tristan’s part starting becoming public. Tristan’s Mercury in Aries is also a more self-involved and impulsive mentality than Khloe’s Mercury in Cancer, so it’s likely these two don’t really see eye-to-eye on much.