5 Successful Local Businesses That Started on Instagram

Let's show the locals some love!

Instagram, once upon a time, was known as a platform to solely share pictures. Sunsets, outfits of the day, what you were eating, couple pictures and perhaps something peculiar you came across and wanted to share.  There was little to no value for marketing and advertising when it first launched. 

However Instagram didn’t let that perception last for very long. As pioneer Instagramers started gaining more and more followers, they were able to build empires through advertising their skills or products on Instagram. It has revolutionized how we shop and discover new products and brands.  

Instagram has boomed into a multi-billion dollar business and has acquired more than 400 million monthly users. This is an enourmous number and it’s predicted to rise to 2 billion monthly users in the next 5 years!  The Facebook owned company has 3.5 billion likes per day on an average and 80 million new photo shares. 

It’s safe to say that advertising yourself and your brand on such a huge platform allows you to open doors that might have been close to impossible without it. 

Here are some local businesses that started off on Instagram and have made a name for themselves through the social media platform: 

Benji Sleep


This local business was started by two brothers from King City! The vision of this business began to come together when the two were moving into their first home. Once they realized how difficult it was to shop for simple products like sheets and covers, they knew what the base of their business would be. Their website tailors your needs based on age and how many hours of sleep you get on an average night. If only every website could be that easy, right?




Maria Qamar, or widely known as Hatecopy, was fast to rise to success through her instagram account. She quickly gained international approval and even stars such as Mindy Kailing were quick to appreciate her art. Qamar uploads unique pop culture art that explores both her south-asain and canadian cultures. With her art, she brings people together through her amusing depictions of scenarios that are all too common in the south-asain community. Todays she has over 196 thousand followers!

Core Maternity 


Maia McClintock founder of Core Maternity, is a mother to two, and an entrepreneur.  She founded Core Maternity with the intention of fulfilling a mother’s need for fashionable maternity clothing.  Her main ideals were that maternity clothes should be versatile. The clothing she features are useful throughout pregnancy and postpartum, and plus point: they’re nursing friendly. She believes that maternity clothing should reflect the confidence and beauty of the wearer, and that’s exactly what her business showcases. #GIRLPOWER 



Let’s talk about this online store turned flagship. This toronto-run jewellery boutique focuses on women empowerment. The company works to bring the conversation of buying jewellery back into the hands of women. Buy diamonds for yo’ damn self ladies! 

Chughtai Tailoring 



Fareed Chughtai is showing the world that millennials still value artisan skills – he’s made a business out of sewing & stitching. This young entrepreneur from Brampton, stared his tailoring business when he was 16 years old. He says he’s always had a passion for sewing and pursed it in hopes of making it full-time. He started to hone his skill by making phone cases for friends and family. After many years of practising and client work, he’s successfully hand-made outfits for bridal parties, dance crews and much more. “I don’t think I could ever work a 9-5 now that I know what it’s like to work for yourself,” he explains.