Aries Season: Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Aries kicks off the start of a new zodiac cycle, so let's welcome the season of the ram!

DATES:  Aries season generally occurs from March 21st – April 19th

SYMBOL:  The Ram – Hard-headed and agile, the symbolism behind this animal represents much of Aries instinctive and brave nature. A ram will fight challenges literally head-on with their huge horns; head-butting other rams in the pursuit of what they want, or simply just for play.

PLANETS: The planetary ruler of Aries is Mars: the planet of passion, war, anger, and drive.

MODALITY: Cardinal – The 12 zodiac signs are divided into 3 categories of energy; Initiative (Cardinal), Sustainable (Fixed), and Changeable (Mutable). Cardinal signs are great forces who initiate the beginning of projects.

DUALITY: Masculine – Aries is known as a Masculine sign as it is more assertive than receptive in its energy. This is also known as Yang energy (Yin is Feminine).

OPPOSITE SIGN:  Libra:  Libra is all about partnership, harmony and understanding both sides of a disagreement. They want to find fairness and justice. Aries represents the self and our own needs apart from other people. Although many agree that harmony, justice and fairness are important parts of society, it’s often forgotten that focus on the self is just as important as regard for others. It’s within this axis where we find the balance between being a warrior and being a peace keeper.

BODY PART: The part of the body ruled by Aries is the head. Aries tend to love scalp massages which can help with occasional or chronic headache problems.

COLOURS: Red: The colour of passion, and its ruling planet Mars.

STONE:  Diamond; is said to enhance love and luck in new adventures

ELEMENT: Fire – Fire signs are passionate, energetic, and excitable

MOST COMPATIBLE SIGNS: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini

LEAST COMPATIBLE: Cancer and Capricorn

ANIMALS SYMBOLS: Mountain sheep (rams) and the falcon

BEST QUALITIES: Brave, instinctive, optimistic and excitable

Aries are known for their uninhibited courage and instinct. Where most would carefully consider consequences before acting, an Aries leads with their gut instinct and acts impulsively. This can sometimes create a bit of chaos but their impulsive energy is almost always a catalyst for change and new beginnings. An Aries cannot stand simply waiting around for life to come to them. They must go out and act on the impulse of who they feel they are.

Quite often Aries natives can be accused of being selfish because they are very intent on getting their way, but this isn’t necessarily a negative trait. Aries are beautiful examples of leadership and bravery. When Aries rub others’ the wrong way, it can be because of others’ inability to lead or take action. The perception of selfishness in today’s society is somewhat unfairly regarded, because it’s just simply not politically correct to unapologetically do what you want without the regard of others. However, this kind of energy is important in being authentic to one’s self. Aries’ know who they are and they will not sacrifice their validity to be something someone else wants them to be.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and come Spring, they start off the beginning of a new zodiac cycle. They represent the birth of new beginnings and the spark of life and vitality. Aries have a knack for impulsively starting new projects and getting really excited about the beginning, but their follow-through isn’t always as consistent. These people have a way of bringing life to others and seeing the world in a fresh way almost similar to that of a child’s perspective; eager and excited! However an Aries temper is part of that quick excitability, and if you ever cross an Aries, don’t be surprised if they cannot repress their angry impulses!

Celebrity Aries and their compatibility!

Kristen Stewart
Kristen is most famous for her role in the Twilight series and for her romance with ex boyfriend Robert Pattinson which began during the filming of those films. It’s no wonder they hit it off fabulously; with both of their suns sitting in each others’ 12th house of the subconscious and our past lives. It’s likely these two felt as though they were fated and already knew one another. There are enough steamy connections between their charts that make for great physical attraction, though there are some equally intense connections that side on the air of their desires not lining up. It’s likely that Rob wanted a more traditional and stable commitment which, as most of us know, didn’t end favourably for him. Kristen’s Aquarian Mars is freedom loving and rebellious and Rob’s Mars in Capricorn as well as his Taurus Sun and Cancer moon definitely needed something more stable and committed. For those hoping that these two will reunite someday, don’t hold your breath!

Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian is best known as one of the Kardashian sisters and makes her appearance on the popular reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. For those who do keep up, many know about her long-running and complicated relationship with her ex partner and father of her children, Scott Disick. Kourtney’s Mars in Aries makes harmonious connections to Scott’s Mars and Moon, making their drives and his emotional needs on the same page, both fun, ambitious and playful, however Kourtney’s sun in Aries is opposite Scott’s Pluto and Saturn and those planets together are not for the faint of heart. It’s likely that he’s brought her some tough lessons about control and power within their relationship.