Your Horoscope for This Month: Taurus Season

It's time for the season of the bull! Here's all you need to know about the sign of Taurus.

DATES: Taurus season typically occurs between April 20th to May 20th

SYMBOL:  The Bull – Taurus is represented by what is known to be a slow-paced, yet very strong-willed animal. The bull embodies both a peaceful and fierce nature.

PLANETS: The planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus – The planet of love and beauty.  

MODALITY: Fixed – The 12 zodiac signs are divided into 3 categories of energy; Initiative (Cardinal), Sustainable (Fixed), and Changeable (Mutable). Fixed signs are powerful and unyielding in their ability to follow a project through to the end.

DUALITY: Feminine – Taurus is known as a Feminine sign as it is more receptive than assertive in its energy. This is also known as Yin energy (Yang is Masculine).

OPPOSITE SIGN:  Scorpio:  Taurus and Scorpio are both very spiritual signs, however in different ways. Scorpio has a certain intensity that is all about transformation and deep psychological healing. Taurus is the opposite of this and adopts a more Buddhist type of mentality of simply being and enjoying all that life has to offer. Taurus is also a sign focused on building material wealth and possessions, where Scorpio focuses more on who we are without those things.

BODY PART: The part of the body ruled by Taurus is the throat and neck.

COLOURS: Shades of green and soft pastels

STONE:  Emerald – This stone is said to bring loyalty and luck in matters of love

ELEMENT: Earth – Earth signs are more practical and grounded

Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn

LEAST COMPATIBLE: Leo and Aquarius

ANIMALS SYMBOLS: The bull, cow and polar bear

BEST QUALITIES: Loyal, dependable, sensual

Taureans are notoriously known for their stubbornness, but what some may fail to observe is their equally strong trait of dependability. Once a Taurus has their mind made up about something, there isn’t much that will set them off track in the pursuit of it. They may not be as quick and fiery as their neighbouring sign, Aries, but their slower energy is more sustainable and enables them to see their goals through to the end.

Taurus is the sign of values; both material and moral. These natives will often face themes in their life surrounding the accumulation of material wealth and learning about their own value system. A Taurus understands that part of being in this physical reality is being able to enjoy the material things that life has to offer and they know just how to do that! As much as a Taurus can be attached to their material possessions, they can also be very possessive in their relationships as well. This sign needs commitment and security and will feel very insecure and unsettled in a relationship that doesn’t hold those qualities.

It can be quite hard to sway the opinion of a Taurus since they are so set their ways, however they are valuable friends and partners to have since they are so loyal and dependable. Once a relationship has been founded, these folks will be your friend for life. They dislike change, and tend to stick to what is familiar in their lives. This is fine, until their lives become stagnant and they need some change in order to grow. In order to do that, they need to let go of the old to make room for the new. Taureans will find the most success when they  can seek security within themselves before trying to seek it outwardly.

Celebrity Aries and their compatibility!

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is certainly the epitome of someone whose sun is ruled by Venus (the planet of love and beauty). She also has the planet of Mars conjunct her ascendant which greatly favours her sex appeal! Her husband (Brian Austin Green) has his sun in Cancer placed in her 7th house of relationships, making an aspect to her sultry Mars which indicates major physical attraction for both of them, and an ideal partnership aspect. They both have harmonious connections to their moons, however there may often be a battle of the wills with their Mars squaring one another. A strong mars aspect like this creates strong physical interest initially but can later lead to combativeness, especially in the area concerning home and family particularly for these two. Overall Megan and Brian have great compatibility.

David Beckham

David and his wife Victoria Beckham have a long famed relationship that has captured the interest of the world for years. These two have aspects between their 12th houses that suggest past-life and karmic connections. David’s Saturn (the planet of restriction, limitations and karma) is connected to Victoria’s Ascendant (the angle that represents our physical self and what we project into the world.) It’s likely that David has brought Victoria lessons surrounding her understanding of herself. There may also be running themes of rebellion between the two of them with some harsh aspects involving Uranus (the planet that doesn’t like to conform or be confined), but their mutual physical attraction to one another is likely one that could withstand the test of time.


Adele is known for having one of the most beautiful singing voices in the music industry (not surprising since Taurus rules over the throat and vocal chords), but her marriage is kept fairly private despite her big rise to fame. Not much is known about her husband, Simon Konecki’s natal chart, but his sun is in Aries with an Aquarius moon.  Konecki’s sun falls in Adele’s 11th house which is a wonderful placement for friendship. Taurus and Aries can make for an interesting connection. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Aries is ruled by Mars, and these two planets embody the attraction between the masculine and feminine which compliments each other nicely. However, Taurus and Aries are both hard-headed signs, so conflict may be unavoidable with this combination.