What to Get Each Zodiac Sign for the Holidays


The holidays are about appreciating each other's company above all else, yet giving gifts is still a popular expression of love and appreciation for others. That said, it can be difficult to pick a gift that's just right. So, we decided to give you some ideas based on the zodiac signs.

Keep it action-packed for Aries

Kickboxing lessons are great gift idea for these energetic folk. Aries will appreciate anything that allows them to move their physical bodies. They may be warriors, but they’re playful at heart — so jump in there and spar with them!

Whip up some zen for Taurus

If a spa package is not in the budget for your Taurus, a DIY mini zen garden accented with their favourite scented candle would be a wonderful idea. Taureans are sensual, but they’re also appreciative of thoughtful efforts — it wouldn’t hurt to throw in their favourite box of chocolates either!

A burst of inspiration for Gemini

Geminis are full of ideas, and many of them enjoy writing as well since their minds are full of thoughts. A fun, colourful journal set would inspire and encourage them to write down their experiences, while helping them to remember all their genius ideas.

Show your sentimental side for Cancer

Cancers absolutely fall for thoughtful and meaningful gifts, so if you can get your hands on some of their favourite photos; incorporate them into a blanket that your Cancer can cuddle with on a regular basis.

Set things in action for Leo

Leos appreciate the performing arts, so tickets for any kind of concert or sports event are an ideal gift idea, but make sure you include yourself! They’ll likely want to take you with them as appreciation for your thoughtfulness.

Perfectly practical for Virgo

Virgos are practical thinkers who love staying organized. A digital planner might not seem like an exciting gift to some, but Virgos get excited over simplistic and useful things. Of all the lists Virgos love to make, this gift is guaranteed to get you on their nice list.

A thing of beauty for Libra

Libra is the sign of love and beauty. They appreciate anything that will add natural splendour to their home. Fresh flowers never last long, but a beautiful house plant will grow all year round.

Make it mysterious for Scorpio

Scorpios are intrigued by anything that has an element of mystery to it. That’s why we suggest a candle with a hidden item that reveals itself as it melts down. If you rather personalize your gift, try making one of your own!

Wrap it with wanderlust for Sagittarius

If your Sagittarius already has a hikers pack or travel luggage, get them something they can document their next vacation with, like a waterproof camera. They’ll be excited by all the new possibilities.

Self on the shelf for Capricorn

Capricorns are work oriented people, but they appreciate the finer things in their home to show just how hard they’ve worked to get where they are. Something like a shadow box, or a fancy shelf to display their tokens of success would be a thoughtful idea.

A one of a kind piece for Aquarius

Aquarians are the techies are the zodiac, but if a high priced tech device doesn’t sound reasonable, surprise them with a unique piece of art that reflects their eccentric nature.  We suggest a piece that is thought provoking, much like these intellectuals.

All the poetry for Pisces

Pisceans appreciate art of all sorts being a very creative sign, but they also have a romantic and dreamy side. Fridge magnet poetry is a simple, but thoughtful gift that will appeal to their creativity, and their love of lyrical poetry.