David Beckham Shows Up in the Deadpool 2 Trailer After the First Film Mocked His Voice

David Beckham
[Credit: Marvel]

David Beckham may not have been in the first Deadpool movie, but his name certainly came up.

“You ever heard David Beckham speak? It’s like he mouth-sexed a can of helium!”

This line, spoken by Deadpool in the first film, was probably just meant to be just a throwaway burn, but now it has become the foundation for a promo for Deadpool 2, starring Beckham himself.

The promo begins with the soccer star hearthrob sitting in his mansion, watching and rewatching the scene, stewing in square-jawed indignation. Moments later, there’s a knock at the door, and who could it be? It’s Deadpool, of course, come to offer his sincerest apologies — and cookies.

The rest of the trailer shows Deadpool attempting to do right by the British heartthrob (whose voice is really pretty normal), but not before Beckham gets in a jab of his own, insulting several of Ryan Reynolds’ movies. It ends with the two sitting together on the couch, in strained but companionable silence.

So wait, a fictional character meets up with a real-life sports star to apologize for something said in a movie? And then that sports star ends up insulting not the character he’s speaking to, but the actor playing him?

Yes, the Deadpool franchise is taking its tendency to break the fourth wall to the next level. With its new trailers, the film seems deeply invested in blurring the lines between reality and the movies. As usual, the character of Deadpool (played by the cheekiest possible version of Ryan Reynolds) talks to the camera, acknowledges that he’s in a movie, and hams it up for the audience he knows is watching.

And now, to take things a step further, it’s been reported that Beckham himself may end up getting cast in a future Deadpool film. Cue head explosion.

This isn’t the only hilarious promo to hype the upcoming Deadpool movie. Another trailer features Celine Dion, singing her single “Ashes,” as Deadpool performs an impassioned dance. As usual, Dion — known for her own sense of humour— shows she’s game for anything. It’s the perfect Canadian pairing.

While most movie heroes are all about their grim, serious missions, Deadpool is all about keeping tongue firmly in cheek. Even the Deadpool action figure is irreverently silly, coming complete with a tiny toy unicorn. That’s our kind of hero!