Miley Cyrus Deleted All of Her Instagram Photos

miley cyrus

In other bizarre celebrity social media moves, Miley Cyrus has deleted every single one of her Instagram posts, depriving her 76.2 million followers of cute selfies and dog pics. Her website is also down, and her social media display pictures are blacked out.

The Insta-blackout comes after stars like Blake Lively and Taylor Swift have recently pulled similar stunts, Lively deleting her Instagram posts to promote her new movie, and Swift deleting her entire account and removing her website before her new single dropped last summer.

Both stars had the Internet up in arms and buzzing with theories, so it would seem that a social media blackout is the way to go if you’re looking to draw attention to an upcoming project. It’s for this reason that fans are speculating Cyrus may be about to drop something big.

The hashtag #MileyIsComing has been trending on Twitter, and Smilers are getting pretty excited for her new music:

In fact, Smilers are so loyal to the Bangerz singer that they’re blacking out their social media accounts, too, to “make the effect stronger.” Now that’s a fandom.

Although there isn’t much information on Miley’s new music, producers Andrew Wyatt, Miike WiLL Made It and Oren Yoel have blacked out their Twitter headers, and Mark Ronson has also been linked to the upcoming project.

Us Weekly reports that Cyrus has been hard at work recording in New York City at Electric Lady Studio, the same studio that Lady Gaga uses—causing fans to speculate about a potential collaboration. Ronson—who, strangely, hasn’t blacked out his social media profiles—posted a snap featuring the Wrecking Ball singer with a somewhat cryptic caption:

“I don’t even know if this pic is real or fake because I was so busy giving stRong JEW STEEL to the camera, I was unaware of who was to my left or right. All I know is, the girl in this snap helped me write one of my favorite songs. Coming soon x,” Ronson wrote.

Over the years, the artist has been known to reinvent herself in extreme ways, so it should be interesting to see a newly rebranded Miley. This will be the singer’s seventh studio album, following her most recent title, Younger Now, which dropped in 2017.