Rumour Has It That Meghan and Harry Are Honeymooning In Alberta

Mountain and lake view in Alberta
[Photo by med-nunn/Pixabay]

A honeymoon tends to be a private affair, but when you’re Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, everything you do is of public interest, including your romantic vacation plans.

But the public’s interest in the royal couple can lead to problems. Recently, when their plan to honeymoon in Namibia got out, the whole thing had to be scrapped due to security risks, so now the newlyweds are planning another romantic getaway on short notice. But while the residents of Kensington Palace have tried valiantly to keep the details private,  people are already sniffing out intel on the new location, and are filling in the details by speculating wildly.

So where are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex actually rumoured to be heading now? According to TMZ, their destination is in Canada. Specifically, the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Alberta, where members of the monarchy have been known to stay in the past, in the 6,000-square-foot “royal retreat” cabin.

The Fairmont has attempted to quash the rumours, and in a statement, spokesperson Angela Moore said that the couple is not currently booked to stay at the hotel (but maybe that’s just what they want us to think!). Meanwhile, Jasper town councillor Rico Damota put forth a plea to the newlyweds: “Please come. You won’t be disappointed.”

Page Six was quick to label Alberta as the “world’s most boring place,” while CNBC expressed its shock that the lodgings were “only” $380 USD per night.

But while outsiders sneer, Canadians surely recognize the sense in a northern honeymoon. After all, both the Monarchy and Ms. Markle have ties to Canada (she lived in Toronto for several years), and the Jasper area is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

Maligne Lake
Does this look boring to you, Page Six? [Photo by Christian Abend]
But why stop at just one honeymoon? Apparently, there are also plans in the works for Harry and Ms. Markle to take a mini-moon in Dublin prior to the maybe-possibly-Canadian one. Meanwhile, some have speculated that the two may secretly be on their honeymoon already! The whole “Alberta” thing could just be a massive red herring, as Harry and Meghan are already sunning themselves on a private island someplace.

The secrecy surrounding the honeymoon of the year, combined with all the rumours and guesswork flying around make it impossible to know for sure if we can trust any of the reports. But if the most famous couple on earth does make an appearance in Jasper, then let’s chalk it up as a victory for Canada, and show our best Canadian manners by giving them some privacy.