Their Instagram Flirtation is All the Evidence We Need That Nick Jonas is Dating Priyanka Chopra

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra at the 2017 Met Gala
[Photo credit: Instagram/@nickjonas]

When it comes to celebrity relationships, publicists may say one thing and fans another, but social media never lies. Want to know who a particular star is hooking up with? Then your best bet is to look and see who’s sliding into whose comments section.

And who’s been showing up in Priyanka Chopra’s Instagram comments recently but Nick Jonas, further fuelling rumours that the two are dating, and pretty much cementing our belief that it’s officially on.

GUYS. #CommentsByCelebs

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The are-they-aren’t-they surrounding the two started when they attended the Met Gala together last year. However, on Jimmy Kimmel shortly thereafter, Chopra claimed it was a date of mere convenience — both were wearing Ralph Lauren, and they were seated at the same table.

“Yeah, we were on the same table and we already know each other. So he was like, ‘Hey, you wanna go together?’ And I was like ‘Yeah, okay, let’s go together.’ It ended up working out.”

But evidence is mounting that the setup continued to work out long after the Met Gala was over. The two have been spotted hanging out, and the other week, when Chopra posted an Instagram photo of herself scarfing a burger and grinning, Nick Jonas appeared in the comments section, writing “That smile,” complete with a red heart emoji.

But wait, there’s more! When the former Jonas Brother posted a photo of himself with a koala at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, Chopra herself appeared in the comments section, asking, “who is cuter?”

When a continent comes for your man. #CommentsByCelebs

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Face it, either these two are in the blissful early stages of coupling up, or they’re massively trolling us all.

But we think it’s the former, and it totally works. Putting the former Jonas Brother with the Bollywood-turned-Hollywood actress is like one of those food pairings that seems strange at first but works in practice, like chocolate and popcorn, or bacon and bananas.

Or at least some people think so…

As we await official confirmation of this pairing, we’ll continue to watch things unfold via Instagram. Of course, no couple can ever be as delightful on social media as Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, but we still welcome Jonas and Chopra to try.