William and Kate Had Another Royal Baby, and Prince Harry Will Basically Never Be King

Prince William and Duchess Kate and newborn baby
[Credit: Twitter/kensingtonroyal]

Kate Middleton has just birthed a third royal baby with husband Prince William, an eight-and-a-half-pound boy who doesn’t yet know that he’s one of the most powerful people on earth.

The birth was officially announced — as royal births apparently are — by placing a birth notice on a golden ceremonial easel outside Buckingham Palace. Also, on Twitter.

As per usual, Duchess Kate looked perfectly composed as she appeared for photos with the newborn, despite having just undergone one of the most arduous experiences the human body is capable of. She and William descended from the hospital entrance to cheers and applause like it was a palatial staircase and they were the guests of honour at a party.

The birth of the baby gives British-royalty enthusiasts a chance to get excited about something other than the daily deluge of details about the upcoming royal wedding (this in today: the audio from the ceremony will be released on vinyl!), and it also offers an opportunity to mull over the oddness of the whole royal family’s line of succession. Fun fact: this baby — who as of yet has no name and is barely capable of opening his eyes —  is ahead of normal-adult-human Prince Harry in the line to become King of England.

Yes, if you have ever rooted for a King Harry, this adorable newborn is just another obstacle in your way. See, when a person who is in line for the throne has children, those children get to line up right behind their parents, butting ahead of everyone else. Currently, Prince Charles is first in line for the throne after the queen, and after him comes Prince William, then William’s children: four-year-old George, two-year-old Charlotte, and now this brand-new little prince. And after them, Harry.

In the past, males came before females in the line of succession, but that law was thankfully turfed in 2015 (which is really not very long ago at all).

All this to say, Congratulations, William and Kate, and to the whole royal family. And, Harry, well, we’re looking forward to the vinyl.