6 Inspiring Denim Trends You Can DIY at Home


For most of us, denim is a wardrobe staple. From skinny jeans to twill shirts, it’s easy to rock this popular, ubiquitous fabric every day. This season, why not switch things up and give some of the tired denim pieces in your closet a quick refresh?

Here are some runway-inspired DIY ideas and styling tips, from easy to some-expertise-required, to update your denim for spring.

Fold It Up

Remember last year’s super long, lean jeans? To breathe new life into them, why not style them with a dramatic, super tall cuff for spring? Ideally, the cuff should be at least 6” high (or more!), the inside of the jeans should be a slightly different colour, and the new hem length should end just above your ankle. Consider this your new favourite 10-second styling trick!

Embrace Acid Wash

80s-inspired acid wash denim, in all colourways, are having a major revival. If you’re feeling brave, you can try to spray a pair of black or dark blue jeans that you won’t miss with a 50-50 mixture of bleach and water to try to create the acid washed effect. Or, head to your favourite small-town thrift stores, or online, to find authentic vintage versions from the ’80s of this look.

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Double Cuff

Extra-long sleeves have been in favour for a few years now, but the ones in this Rachel Comey Canadian tuxedo look still manage to look fresh and effortless. To DIY a similar sleeve detail at home, simply cut the cuff off a denim shirt or jacket and sew it on to an almost-matching topper to create an extra-long, double cuff or faux layering effect.  

Crop Your Boyfriend Jackets

If you’re not feeling the oversized jean jacket in your closet anymore, why not consider cutting it to a cool new crop? The season’s new jacket silhouette is oversized, but abbreviated to meet high-waisted jeans just above your natural waistline. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, try to move the waistband up, too. But you could also leave the edge raw, and simply distress or fray it a little.  

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Try Patchwork

Remember your favourite blue jeans with insets from the 90s? Patchwork denim in calming shades of blue can be surprisingly easy to sew together at home, as long as you have two or three similar pieces to deconstruct and recombine together. For best results, work with simple parts like leg panels or patch pockets rather than trying to deconstruct more complicated pieces, such as the waistband or jacket collar.

Embellish with Sequins

From afar, the white marks on these jeans look like splashes of bleach or the result of artistic distressing. In fact, the denim has been hand-painted and then embellished with small, white sequins to mimic the appearance of random splatters. You can easily apply the same treatment to a denim piece at home—just be sure to pick one that’s a nice medium blue for maximum visual impact.