Find Out What Your Creative Style is Based on Your Sign


Creativity comes in many different shapes and forms, as well as several steps in the process of creating. What works for some, may not work for others as we all have different areas of strength in how we create. Here is how each sign finds their creative style.

Aries: the initiator  

Of all the zodiac, Aries is the most likely to take risks in the creative process. Their ability to fearlessly act on an idea is impressive. While their creations may not always be immaculate due to their impulsive nature, they certainly have the bravery to put a plan into action — which can often be the hardest part of creating anything. Where many will freeze in fear, Aries will turn that ignition key and burn rubber!

Taurus: the builder

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so it’s no surprise that Taureans appreciate art and creativity on many levels. Taurus has the gift of patience when it comes to the creative process. They understand that quality work cannot be rushed, and they will work at a steady pace to ensure it’s done right. They are dependable creators.

Gemini: the enquirer

Gemini’s creative superpower is their overall curiosity to know everything. Their thirst for knowledge is unlike any, and it often leads to sparking inspiration in others as well. Where some signs will focus directly on one approach, Gemini will try several different routes until they become bored and move onto the next project. Seeing a creation through to the end isn’t their strong suit, but who can blame them when there are so many options and different things to try!

Cancer: the intuitive

Cancers create from their emotion and less from an analytical position. Cancers will blindly trust the process and feel their way through something until they’re satisfied with the end result. They are also known for not taking a direct approach. From the outside they may appear to be all over the place, but the method to their madness is trusting their gut. It always proves right!

Leo: the art itself

Leo’s were made for the stage; they are a masterpiece to be marvelled at. Creating comes naturally to them because they create from their big beautiful hearts. If a collaborative project is in need of some zest or dramatic flair, just bring in a Leo and they’ll ensure that the creation delivers an impressionable punch.

Virgo: the critic

The quote “nobody likes a critic” isn’t entirely fair when considering the creative process. If we didn’t have critics, how would anyone improve? Judgement and criticism are two completely different things, and constructive criticism is vital in order to reach our potential. Virgos pay close attention to detail and will find the holes and mistakes that one may have overlooked and while it may not always be appreciated, it is necessary creative ability.

Libra: quality control

Libra is a fair and just sign that delivers balance and beauty to much of their creative endeavours. A Libra will carefully consider whether something is offensive or inappropriate before putting their name on the end product. They aren’t brash or vulgar, but rather like a finely tuned instrument. Libra is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty and their own beauty is often found to be the muse of others creations.


Scorpio: the starving artist

Scorpio brings the deep, dark and often lustful side of creation to the table. They’re not afraid to experience fear, face adversity or suffer a little bit in the name of creation. In fact, Scorpios are the ultimate creators in that they’re ruled by Pluto; the planet of death and rebirth. They are the kings of tearing down old structures and creating powerful new ones.

Sagittarius: the optimistic comedian

In stark contrast to previous Scorpio, Sagittarians don’t take themselves so seriously and their talent is to lighten things up with the gift of humour. Much like their opposite sign, Gemini — Sagittarius have a thirst for knowledge and experience, but on a grander scale. These folk find inspiration from culture and anything that differs from mundane daily living, which also helps to inspire others when in a rut.

Capricorn: the traditionalist

Capricorns are very resourceful and hard working people. They may not be the most flamboyant in the creative arena, but they certainly hold their own as far as class goes. They appreciate tried and true methods of creation, but don’t consider them uninspired. Capricorns will do the necessary hard work to reach the highest level of performance where many others would give up.

Aquarius: the rebel with a cause

Aquarians prefer to create for the collective from their humanitarian hearts, yet they refuse to be boxed in by societal norms.  They rebel against what is considered “normal” and their spark of genius is no doubt evident in their eccentric style.  Aquarians will provide for the group, but don’t expect them to conform to it. Being unique is their specialty.

Pisces: the dreamer

Pisces are the imagination of the creative process. Where Aries may be the initiator to an idea, Pisces is the dreamer of ideas. If every idea from a Pisces mind came to fruition, we would live in a mystical Neverland of smoke and mirrors. These dreamers often need a push to bring their brilliance to life, as assertion is not their style, but once implemented, a Pisces creation is truly something to behold.