How to Make A Dog Sweater In Two Steps

If Spring is starting to make the temperature rise outside, you know it's time to bring it down indoors and stay comfy. One thing that we like to do, even in the Spring and Summer months is wearing layers comfortably, and if we can make our furry friends feel comfortable too, we'll share the love. If you're looking to give your small pupper a sweater that will let them lounge around the house comfortably, here's an easy way for you to avoid a trip to the pet store and take the old clothes off your back and make them their very own sweater!

It’s obvious we like to spoil the puppers in our lives. We’ve already spoiled them with a tee pee home, a snazzy DIY bowl holder, and now, it’s time to match the collars we’ve made for them with a cool get-up. See how you can make them a fancy outfit with just the sleeve from your sweater!

Step 1: Get an extra large sweater from your closet, or if you don’t have an old one lying around, get one from your local thrift store. Size up or down depending on the size of your pup! Their body will be fitting into the arm, so make it a comfy fit with some wiggle room. For example, a tiny chihuahua would do fine with an XS sweater, but a larger spaniel would fit better in an XL.

Step 2: Use fabric scissors to cut along the outside seam of the sweater’s arm. Cutting outside the seam makes it so the sweater doesn’t unravel without having to sew any hems! Pretty nifty trick, huh?

Step 3: Roll the wrist side of the arm to create the collar. Don’t roll more than twice or the collar becomes hard to stretch and can be uncomfortable for your pup to take on and off. If you need to shorten the sweater, you can trim at the wrist because the roll keeps fraying to a minimum.

Step 4: On your dog, measure the distance between their collar and their front legs. Placing the seam side up, take that distance and measure down from the rolled neck onto the sweater. Cut two holes on either side of the seam for your pup’s front legs.

And that’s it! Your dapper dog has new threads, all thanks to your crafty skills!

If your doggo is looking snazzy in their new threads, we want to see! Show us how you made this project by tagging us on Instagram by using #BeMakeful!