Make It Pop With DIY Wine Cork Place Card Holders

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Get your bridesmaids together with a few bottles of vino, and you’ll have this rustic DIY done in no time!

  • X-Acto knife
  • scoring knife
  • large brush pen
  • wood burning pen
  • medium brush pen
  • wine corks
  • Card Stock

For self-proclaimed wine enthusiasts, and those who enjoy a casual chardonnay (or two!), make your pastime part of your special day with these easy DIY wine cork place card holders. Add a special touch with a wood-burning tool to write your initials on plain corks purchased from Home Depot. This craft works just as well with an assortment of collected random corks.


  1. With your X-Acto knife, slice 0.25in. down one long edge of the cork to create a flat base for your place card holder to rest on.
  2. Place the cork on its side, and carefully burn your design into the side of the cork with your wood-burning tool. 
  3. Place your cork upright, and with your scoring knife, slice a groove down the middle of your cork where the place card will sit. You will want to cut halfway down the width of your cork so the place card will be secure.
  4. Cut your card stock proportionate to your cork; 1-2in. wide, and 5-6in. long.
  5. With your brush pens, write the table number and name of the guest.
  6. Place the card into the groove created in step 3.
  7. Repeat for as many guests attending the event.
  8. Set these wine cork place card holders at each place setting to give it your wedding a beautiful, rustic touch.