You Can Totally Bring Back the ‘90s With These Beauty Trends


A full-on come back of 90’s fashion and beauty that has been trickling in for a few seasons, and continues to burn strong.

From the perfectly arched brows, earthy hues and wispy tendrils made iconic by the supermodel elite, to the vampy lips, kohl-rimmed eyes and chokers that made up the uniform of grunge-girls—these cool-girl trends from the ’90s are back in a big way. Read on for where to spend your beauty dollars for an on-point spring and summer look.


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While body glitter was big in the ‘90s, nothing is a bigger beauty trend than glitter for 2018. From glittered lids and liner to glitter face masks, embrace that shiny, sparkly pull to playful makeup that makes you feel like the star that you are.

Sheer Glossy Lips

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Perfectly lined matte lips have been one of our recent beauty go-tos, with gloss feeling a little forgotten… until now! Gloss is B-A-C-K and the perfect topper to a fresher faced look. Plus, high-shine gloss in a clear or translucent pinky-peach keeps lips looking totes luscious without a lot of colour transfer.

Grunge Eyes

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This kohl-rimmed look killed it in the grunge era, creating an intense eye usually done in blacks, greys and browns. Nailing the look today is all about blending and balancing the smokeyness on the bottom lids as much as your top lids.

Earthy Vamp Lipstick

Made popular by celebs like Kylie Jenner, the brownish lipstick trend has been circulating for some time—and it’s still going strong! For conservative trend followers, it’s your time to hop on board: earthy brownish hues look nice on all skin tones and add an element of sophistication to you style.


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Remember how essential your snap clips used to be? Snap clip have been all over the runways this year, and you’ve probably also noticed them taking over your insta-feed. The way-affordable dollar store barrettes bring new meaning to high-low style, but the look is pretty darn cute.

Face-Framing Tendrils

Anyone who experienced this one the first time probably remembers that if not done correctly, the look can be a little awkward. Today’s face-framing tendrils are soft and delicate, not gelled, severe and overly thin. The look is as cool with a top knot as the popular ‘space buns’ look.

Space Buns

They started making their comeback a few Coachella’s ago, but space buns are officially back and rocking long after the last encore. How you dress them up is totally up to you, but know that the same rules apply now as they did in the ‘90s—add glitter, scrunchies and more to complete you space bun attire.