Display Your Truth on a DIY Vintage Letter Board

Your Instagram game just got an upgrade!

Last year it was the lightbox, this year it’s the vintage letter board. There always seems to be that one item that everyone needs to have to show off on Instagram. I’m not going to lie, I own both of these things, and I am not ashamed one bit. But, man does buying all these cool things add up!

  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue
  • picture frame
  • wooden dowels or skewers
  • Scissors
  • felt

Earlier this year I bought myself a letter board from Amazon. I’ve actually used it quite a bit, and my boyfriend and I have a blast coming up with funny quotes and sayings to put on it. But as I browsed around, I realized that a letter board isn’t so hard to make. In fact, I could get everything I need to make one at the dollar store. This DIY letter board came to about $5.

Let’s find out how I did it!

Here’s how you’ll do it:

Step 1: Take the glass piece out of the picture frame, you won’t need it!

Step 2: Decide on the orientation of your letter board, do you want it vertical or horizontal? I went with horizontal.

Step 3: Measure your skewers against the backing of the picture frame. You want them to be about 1 cm shorter than the width of the frame backing.

Step 4: Cut your skewers to size. You can use scissors, a saw, a knife. Whatever works for you, just BE CAREFUL!

Step 5: Add a line of hot glue to your first skewer, place it on the frame backing approximately 1 cm from the top.


Step 6: Add a line of hot glue on top of the skewer, and place the felt over top of it.

Step 7: Add a line of hot glue to a second skewer, and place it on the frame backing beside the first skewer, allowing enough room for the felt to be pushed down in between the two skewers.

Step 8: Repeat steps 5-7 until complete.

Step 9: Trim your felt pieces around all sizes. Then place the frame backing with all your skewers and felt into the frame itself. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, don’t worry! You can just use hot glue to secure it.

Step 10: Pick up some letters from Amazon and write out your favourite quotes!

NOTE: The letters you need will depend on the size of the wooden dowel or skewers you bought. I used ¾” letters on my board and it worked perfectly! To make sure you get the right letters for your board, measure two skewers side-by-side with a little bit of room in between!

And there you have it, a DIY vintage letter board using materials from the dollar store. How freaking cool is that?!